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Do You Apply Sunscreen On These Areas?

You’re a bottle of sunscreen away from having all unlikable skin issues including, God forbids, skin cancer. We are not going to repeat ourselves here, as we have assured many times on the importance of applying sunscreen 365 days a year. That said, it is fair to assume that you make an effort to apply sunscreen everywhere on your body on a pool day for example not realizing that you are forgetting crucial areas in the process. The goal should be to remember to cover every part of your body with sunscreen until then we have made a checklist with the areas you have to keep in mind every time you apply sunscreen. 

1 || Your Ears

Just because your hair is covering your ears doesn’t mean that they are protected from the sun. It is proven that skin cancer rates are high in areas such as the rims of the ears, earlobes, and even inside the ears. That said, make sure to apply sunscreen on your ears and the backs of the ears. A wide brim hat will also come in handy for shielding this part of the body.

2 || Your Eyelids

It’s incredibly easy to accidentally skip your eyelids during sunscreen application. The skin on your eyelids is extremely thin and susceptible to both sun damage and skin cancer. I know applying sunscreen on that area might be annoying because the product can bleed into their eyes and cause stinging. To avoid this try using physical sunscreen in a balm form.

3 || Your Scalp and Hairline

Again, you think your hair is covering your scalp, but UV rays can make hair brittle and appear frayed so make sure to apply sunscreen in spray form. This will protect your hair from skin cancer and preserve the health of your hair as well.

4 || Your Lips

The lips are an area that people frequently miss when applying sunscreen. To protect your lips make sure to swipe on an SPF-infused chapstick frequently throughout the day focusing on your lower lip as it is more exposed to the sun. If your favorite lip balm has no SPF, you can use your regular sunscreen on your lips instead.

5 || Your Neck

Stop neglecting your neck! The back of your neck is also important. To avoid any skin damage or skin cancer in this area try to remember it each time you apply sunscreen.

6 || Your Feet

You are most likely to forget your feet entirely when applying sunscreen. But I am sure you hate how they looked after a long day outside with visible lines from your sandals. Skin cancer and sun damage are as high on this area as any other area of your body. Don’t miss it. you will thank us later.

7 || Your Hands

I have developed the habit of applying sunscreen on the backs of my hands and I am so glad about that. According to dermatologists, hands are often overlooked and have become one of the most common places for skin cancer. The tops of your hands are almost always exposed to the sun so they need as much protection as the rest of your body if not more. Don’t forget to reapply each time you wash your hands.