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Talented Chef Yasmin Abu Hassan Is Launching Her Cookbook Next Week

Gastronomy is a universal language that has the power to unite people and highlight the diversity of global cultures. This is especially evident in Middle Eastern cuisine, which features a wide range of exotic spices, brilliant colors, and rich flavors. As a vibrant chef Yasmin Abu Hassan has been sharing her love for food through her Instagram and YouTube channels for the past few years. Her passion for cooking and her desire to showcase rich international flavors, as an essential aspect of our diverse culinary world, has earned her a massive following on social media.

Surprisingly, being a chef was never at the top of Yasmin’s list of career options, “cooking was never a dream. I stumbled upon my passion for food coincidentally later in life. I studied cinematic makeup in Hollywood, that was my childhood passion, the ability to transform someone’s physical appearance fascinated me.”

Yasmin’s culinary journey began serendipitously experimenting in the kitchen. Her dishes always received raving reviews from the harshest of critics, family, and close friends. As her closest relations complimented her food, she started to enjoy the feeling of satisfaction gained from creating something tangible that can be enjoyed and shared, it was then that she decided to dedicate herself to her newfound talent.

Yasmin’s unique approach to cooking has made her an internet sensation. She combines traditional recipes with her own special twists, creating dishes that are both delicious and visually stunning. Her followers often comment on how easy her recipes are to follow, and how her step-by-step instructions have helped them recreate dishes that they deemed too complicated to put together.

Publishing her own cookbook was a necessary evolution of her online presence, since having the physical instructions presented in written form was more efficient and less tedious than the act of pausing and playing a video.”One day I was at the “user” of my own recipes on my Instagram page, I found the process irritating; the watching, listening, pausing, and at times the rewinding of the recipe video seemed to be impractical. Having an open book with clear simple directions and measurements would be a natural evolution to my social media presence.”

Her cookbook, aptly named “My Cookbook”, is a collection of her most popular recipes along with some new and innovative dishes that she has developed exclusively for her book. It is beautifully illustrated, with a full-color photo of her recipes, making it a feast for the eyes as well as the palate. The recipes are divided into sections that include appetizers, main courses, and desserts, making it simple for novice cooks to follow. She hopes that the book would introduce people to diverse global flavors and encourage her readers to experiment with new ingredients and techniques in their own cooking.

With her cookbook will be available for purchase starting from the 13th of this month, Yasmine is excited to see where her passion for cooking will take her next. She hopes to continue sharing her love for cooking with the world, one recipe at a time.

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