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Yasmin Pharaon

Our Exclusive Interview With the Jewelry Designer Yasmin Pharaon

CIIN is diving into the whimsical world of Yasmin Pharaon, a jewelry designer extraordinaire with a magical touch. With her timid yet awe-inspiring talent, Yasmin crafts jewelry that will leave you spellbound. Prepare to embark on a dazzling journey filled with gemstones and the wonders of nature.

Yasmin’s creations are like a story brought to life, each piece a chapter of enchantment. In a world that craves perfection and symmetry, Yasmin goes against the grain and embraces nature’s delightful quirks. She celebrates the vibrant cracks and intricate inclusions found within stones, turning them into the heart and soul of her designs. Every piece is a celebration of the world’s true beauty, reminding us that perfection lies in embracing our individuality.

What inspired your brand to create jewelry pieces that are inspired by nature?

I have always been drawn to fine jewelry that is delicate and dainty. Over the years I have been intrigued and attracted to natural stones that are raw and jagged. Nature has been a source of inspiration for me, I find its beauty, diversity, and intricate designs very captivating. I wanted to merge or marry the roughness of the gemstones with fine and dainty pieces of jewelry. 

Can you share some examples of how specific elements of nature have influenced your jewelry creations?

Yasmin Pharaon

Many of us live in an increasingly urbanized world, I believe jewelry that is inspired by and made of natural existing elements allows women to feel connected to the natural world. Wearing my pieces of jewelry can serve as a reminder of the beauty and importance of the environment, fostering a sense of appreciation and environmental consciousness. 

What makes your jewelry brand stand out in terms of capturing the essence of natural stones?

Every piece of jewelry I design focuses on the natural stone I am working with, I try to design my pieces around the stone to highlight its beauty and perfect imperfections. The design around the stone is subtle and elegant for the natural stone to shine through especially when placed against light. I aspire for each of my pieces to be functional yet casual to be worn every day. 

How do you ensure that the natural stones used in your jewelry pieces are ethically sourced?

Yasmin Pharaon

I trust that the supplier whom I purchase my stones from has limited quantities and doesn’t have a big mine making his pieces ethically sourced with limited quantities.

What techniques or processes do you employ to highlight the delicate and ethereal nature of your jewelry designs?

I try to design each piece around the main natural stone I want to highlight, to bring out the beauty of each stone without overwhelming it with any other features.

Are there any natural stones or elements from nature that serve as constant sources of inspiration for your brand? 

Yasmin Pharaon

Yes, I am fascinated and drawn to the watermelon tourmaline, its physical beauty captivates me having naturally two tones: pink and green. also, its symbolic and metaphysical properties also leave me with a sense of wonderment. Some individuals use watermelon tourmaline to identify any imbalances or disharmony between their masculine and feminine energies. This gemstone is believed to enhance self-awareness and help in balancing energy flow: the green part of the stone is believed to be associated with the heart chakra and is believed to bring in nurturing and compassionate energies (feminine). The pink part of the gemstone is believed to represent the base chakra and is associated with stimulating confidence and assertiveness (masculine). Regardless of these properties and whether they are valid or not, just aesthetically this gemstone captivates me.

Can you describe the symbolism or meaning behind certain natural stones used in your jewelry designs?

Yes, many of the stones I work with have symbolic and metaphysical properties. Initially, for my designs, I was purely drawn to the physical beauty of each stone however, as I read and researched the qualities of the stones, I fell even more in love. For example, the Lapis Lazuli stone enhances spiritual awareness and intuition and promotes inner peace and serenity. Pink tourmaline enhances feelings of love, compassion, and emotional healing (self-love and self-acceptance). Blue tourmaline facilitates clear communication and expression of thoughts. Blue Fluorite promotes focus and concentration, and clear thinking. Amethyst is said to facilitate spiritual growth and higher consciousness and promotes peace and relaxation. 

Hematite Quartz is said to provide grounding and stability. Whether these qualities hold truth, I believe they are an added value to the designs. 

Do you offer customization options for customers who want to incorporate specific natural stones into their jewelry pieces? 

Yasmin Pharaon

Unfortunately, at the moment I do not offer any customization options.

Can you tell us about the craftsmanship behind your jewelry pieces and how they are created?

I have been working with a talented jewelry maker. I have been working with him for the past 4 years. We have built a relationship where he understands my demands and designs and I’m proud of my partnership with him.