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 • Brand New  • Our exclusive Interview With Dara Hamarneh of DH

Our exclusive Interview With Dara Hamarneh of DH

Dara Hamarneh’s eponymous label is a Timeless luxury bags brand that come together carefully to create a capsule of interchangeable pieces that elevate everyday life

What does a handbag mean to you?

A handbag, & fashion in general to me is an extension of your personality, it’s also a vessel, you carry parts of you in a handbag at all times.

What is your definition of a luxury handbag?


A luxury handbag is an item that stands the test of time, is made with care, & made with the best quality raw materials. A luxury item shouldn’t be mass produced & overseen, I think that mass produced luxury products are very counter productive.

What feature is most important to you in a bag?

I think the most important feature in a bag is the structure / shape, it really defines the purpose of the bag.

What is the overall color palette of your collection?

My color palette is neutral, or I carefully select colors that can pass as neutrals in my  opinion. I try to choose colors that can be appreciated no matter the season, & worn  throughout the year. 

Amman’s beige cityscape is also a reference I used when I first  launched, using only off white, cappuccino & baby blue.

What is your creative process?


I love starting in my mom’s closet & digging through all her old designer handbags. I truly believe the quality of vintage bags is a lot better than what is on the luxury market today.

So I start shopping through my mom’s closet, & trying to find silhouettes that I can edit, as well as using photos of supermodels in the 90s.

I always say that my process is more from a problem solving point of view than creative, I feel like I’m always thinking of what’s missing in my closet and how I can fix that.

3 words that describe your clientele.

Understated, confident & appreciative

What is your favorite bag style eg Tote, shopping, clutch?

I love bags with a top handle.

What type of bag do you own the most of?


I own so many different types, I have collected quite a few & stolen a few from my mom! When I was living in Italy I found myself using my Celine trio bag on the weekends the most, and I would carry a huge tote to class.

When I was working in London I was really obsessed with a nylon Prada fanny pack from the men’s section because it fit so much. Nowadays to be honest I mostly use my own designs.

Your thoughts on the concept of the “IT” bag?

I think in the 2000s it was such a moment to have an “IT” bag, and it meant so much more. There’s just too much in the market today to really care for an “IT” bag.

What’s in your bag?

At all times my cardholder, lip balm, hand sanitizer, keys, sunglasses. If I’m carrying the  925 or the Baguette I will always have a book as well.

3 luxury bag features that are must haves.


A luxury bag must be versatile, that you can dress up & dress down. It should also be  something that can handle a long day at the office or a night out, without having to worry about wear & tear.  Most importantly, you should still like the bag in 5 years.

Your thoughts on the logomania trends in luxury?

I really think it depends on the brand, I’m very biased. I think the Dior oblique jacquard monogram will always be special, and Fendi’s double F on fabric. I think my biggest no- no is when people mix logos.

How many bags do you have?


Your favorite Dara Hamarneh bag?


I think the Valletta would have to be my favorite because you can really use it anywhere & everywhere.

I think since launching the Valletta in Black Calf Hair in December I’ve used at least three times a week since then. I also love the Tube, its such a clever shape because it fits so much yet still looks quite small. Great for London, where an umbrella is always handy.

Where do you see your bags in the future?

I see them being a new essential that like minded people will easily be able to recognize & resonate with.