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Julia Art Brooches

Crafting Stories; Kristina Yarosh || The Artist Behind Julia’s Art Brooches

Let’s delve into the world of Kristina Yarosh, a talented lawyer whose profound passion for jewelry design drew her to the creation of bespoke brooches. Kristina’s brand, “Julia’s Art Brooches,” named after her daughter Juliana, showcases her journey from a young craft enthusiast to a dedicated artisan. Her bespoke brooches and necklaces not only adorn but also tell captivating stories, drawing inspiration from nature, personal experiences, and the heartfelt desires of her customers. Kristina shares insights into her artistic process, the materials she cherishes, and the deep connection her creations forge with those who wear them.

Could you share with us how your journey into jewelry-making began?

Since childhood, I have always enjoyed crafting. As a teenager, I dreamed of becoming a clothing designer and often made clothes for my dolls. However, when it came time to choose a career, I decided to become a lawyer and graduated from law school. Despite this, my passion for design and creation never faded.

During my university years, I frequently visited bazaars and fairs showcasing handmade jewelry, always leaving with a new piece. Over time, jewelry made from beads and semi-precious stones became increasingly popular.

Three years ago, I began creating jewelry for myself. Initially, I made pieces for myself because I couldn’t find the designs, shapes, or stones that I wanted. Jewelry making, particularly creating brooches, began as a personal hobby. I have a particular fondness for brooches. A well-chosen brooch can enhance any outfit, drawing attention and admiration.

Beyond their aesthetic appeal, brooches serve to convey messages to the public, express cultural identity, or show pride in one’s country. Many famous female leaders, politicians, and royals have used brooches to communicate a message, for instance, Queen Elizabeth, who rarely appeared without one.

What started as a personal aspiration evolved into a hobby. Now, my hobby has become a passion, I create jewelry and brooches not just for myself, but also for others, sharing my passion and artistry with a wider audience. At the same time, for me, jewelry and brooch crafting is a form of meditation and a way to nourish my soul.

Your brooches and necklaces are truly stunning, incorporating a blend of gemstones, beads, and Swarovski stones. What draws you to these materials?

Julia Art Brooches

Materials are crucial! They determine the quality and durability of the jewelry, and they are a joy to work with. High-quality materials are the foundation of my work. I have many ideas and projects, but I won’t begin a piece unless I can ensure it will be made with top-quality gemstones and beads.

Stones and beads complement each other, resulting in beautiful, unique pieces. The process of blending beads and stones is dynamic; I never know the exact outcome until the piece is finished. Gemstones in necklaces, brooches, and bracelets add special meaning, as they have their own unique characteristics and effects on the wearer. I always emphasize the gemstones in my pieces, allowing my customers to understand their significance and relate them to their own personalities.

​Your creations seem to tell a story of their own. What inspires your designs?

I am very particular about my choices. Each piece needs to be meaningful, close to my heart, and have some symbolism or a special dedication. To me, every piece of jewelry tells a story or needs to tell a story.

I want to believe that when my customers choose a piece from my collection, they connect it to something close to their hearts or to their own personal stories. For instance, my hometown is known for its beautiful nature, especially the magnolia and Japanese cherry trees that bloom in spring. It was important for me to include these elements in my collection, and I have a piece that I often wear myself.

My customers often inspire me with their requests for special designs. They seek to have meaningful symbols represented in a brooch, such as country maps of Jordan or Iraq, or unique designs like “the green heart” or the palm tree, the watermelon and the key of return to Palestine, or the blue butterfly; the tooth, and even the syringe which was designed for doctors.

It’s not just my own inspiration that drives my designs; my customers’ ideas and desires often lead to new creations. I am truly grateful for the inspiration they provide.

​Can you walk us through your creative process?

Julia Art Brooches

This is an interesting process, sometimes slow and sometimes lengthy, depending on the design, time, and materials. It begins as an idea in my mind that I carry with me until it is fully realized. Obtaining the necessary materials is a crucial step; without them, I cannot start the work, and the rest is a journey of creativity and imagination. Most of the time, I don’t know the final outcome until the piece is completed. It is only considered finished if I am fully satisfied with the result. If not, the piece remains a work in progress.

​Your brooches and necklaces exude elegance and sophistication. How do you balance aesthetic appeal with wearability?

This is an interesting question. I don’t consider myself an artist or designer who focuses on creating extravagant jewelry. In my view, jewelry should be wearable, with the specific piece chosen depending on the occasion and the outfit and maybe a message that you want to deliver.

For example, some brooches are perfect for casual wear, while others are meant for special events like weddings or parties. The peacock brooch, for instance, is elegant and eye-catching designed for special occasions, and definitely will draw attention. On the other hand, the butterfly brooch is a lovely casual accessory for summer.

Brooches featuring the maps of Jordan or Iraq are special and might not be for everyday wear but are wonderful additions to a jewelry collection. However, today, symbols like the map of Palestine, the watermelon, and the key don’t require special occasions, because today they represent a cause and can be worn anytime to reflect that significance.

​What do you hope people feel when they wear your creations?

Happiness and satisfaction with their order are paramount, especially when customers return with feedback like, “I’m wearing it proudly.”

​Your jewelry pieces often feature a blend of traditional craftsmanship and contemporary design. How do you navigate the balance between honoring tradition and embracing innovation in your work?

Julia Art Brooches

I believe I am still not there and there is room to grow. I am considering starting a new project that blends tradition with innovative design where through jewelry we can preserve our heritage and culture. My main challenge is sourcing the high-quality materials needed for this special project. Currently, 90 percent of the beads I use for brooches are imported. Despite this, I am continually developing new ideas that aim to preserve culture, tradition, and heritage in unique ways.

​Collaboration can often lead to inspiring new creations. Are there any artists or designers you would like to collaborate with?

 I am looking forward to this opportunity. There has been interest from individual designers requesting custom brooches to be integrated into their clothing designs. However, the practical advantage of a brooch is its versatility; it can be easily removed and placed on any piece of clothing. While people traditionally think of brooches as accessories for blazers, coats, or shirts, they are actually much more versatile. Brooches can be pinned to a variety of items, including purses, bags, hats, and more.

​What advice would you give to aspiring artisans looking to pursue their passion for jewelry making?

I believe that every artisan is a highly motivated individual, and I don’t think unpassionate artisans exist. Artisans create unique, handmade items, not ordinary products. Trust me, you cannot create anything unique or beautiful without passion and love for what you are doing. Handmade items are not produced in large quantities; each piece is carefully crafted with attention to detail, which requires passion, love, and dedication.

I also believe that every artisan deserves recognition for the value of their work. Handmade jewelry cannot be cheap or underpriced due to its uniqueness, the time invested, and its limited quantity, all of which make it more precious.