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Joy Jewels

Our Exclusive Interview With Farah Saheb of Joy Jewels

Founded by Farah Saheb, Joy Jewels is a fine jewelry brand providing minimalistic designs, created for all women who are into fashion, art & timeless pieces.

Where do you go for inspiration when creating a new line?

I usually ask myself what would I like to wear this season, whether it’s a basic stone necklace for fall or a cute anklet for the summer, keeping in mind the latest jewelry trends of that season. 

What is your favorite part of being a designer? 

The joy whenever I see someone wearing one of our pieces. 

Who is The Joy Jewelry designing for? 

Joy Jewels

Modern young adult females locally and internationally, who want to invest their money in a jewelry piece that they can wear everyday, whether she’s a student, a full-timer or a mom. 

How do you define your jewelry? 

Minimalistic, modern and long-lasting. 

What is your favorite material to work with? 

Our main material is 18-karat gold, as for the stones we have multiple op?ons depending on the customer’s needs, we usually go with high cubic zirconia stones, pearls, turquoise stones, and now we’re adding diamonds to our fourth branch that is opening soon! 

How do you want women to feel when wearing your jewelry? 

Joy Jewels

Light, stylish and ‘Joy’. 

Are diamonds a girl’s best friend? 

Actually it’s jewelry in general, it’s a way for a woman to express her style. And who doesn’t like a little bit of sparkle 😉 

What was the biggest challenge when starting The Joy Jewelry line? 

Brand awareness, we wanted to send the message that we’re not the usual jewelry store you find in the market. 

Personalization is a big part of your line; do you feel it’s an essential part of your brand identity? 

Definitely! Personalized items keeps us close with our customers, we listen to their stories when creating their piece. Personalizing a jewelry piece to wear everyday builds a connection that gives the customer some ‘Joy’ whenever she wears it. 

What are the 3 investment pieces every woman needs? 

Joy Jewels

Any dainty necklace that can be layered, curb chains and hoops. 

Who would you like to see wearing your pieces? 

Queen Rania Al Abdullah. 

What do you recommend for someone who wants to up their earring stacks? 

  • Start with the main piece you want to wear then build on it.
  • Add the largest earring in front then go smaller with each earring.
  • Always keep it dainty especially if you have multiple piercings. 
  • If it’s all sparkly, add some plain gold to balance it out. 

What do trendy women want when it comes to fine jewelry? 

Timeless and to be worn in different ways. 

What’s your jewelry philosophy? How do you like to wear your pieces? 

Keep it balanced, don’t over do it by wearing lots of jewels around your neck, arms, fingers and ears, wear almost even numbers of jewels on all parts or pick one part and go maximal. Example, wear two rings with two bracelets or four rings with no bracelets. 

What are the jewelry trends of 2022/2023? 

Chunky chains, bangles, statement rings, oversized earrings and ear stacking!