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Fall Fashion Silhouettes and All You Need to Know

If you are a consistent CIIN reader, then you have heard this before… The season’s silhouettes are more important than the actual pieces you are putting together. A lot of times, you have the best new clothes, but putting them together in a way that isn’t as required by the season’s trends will confuse you, but it just doesn’t look right. I think we’ve all come to realize that fashion really can’t be the ‘boss of us’, we know what works and what doesn’t for our bodies, but it is important to acknowledge how it was meant to be worn, then the rest is up to you!

If You Are Wearing A Dress


There are three strong dress silhouettes this season, and they are all flattering to the body, focusing on the body’s natural silhouette. Thankfully no high-waisted or even completely loose dresses, so all your hard work in the food and workout department can show through. 

The first dress style is the knitted form-fitting dress which hits the shins in a midi style. Modesty is a big trend this season, which means that if you are wearing a knitted dress; a long sleeve and covered-up neckline is the way to go. These knit dresses come in all styles but there is an element of softness to them, and of course, there are cut-outs if you so desire for the evening.

The second dress style is the midi, floral waisted dress with long sleeves and a covered-up neckline again. These florals are small in prints with high color contrast. Unlike other seasons, the floral dresses this season are predominantly Eighties inspired with a hip feel, no romantic ‘Little House on the Prairie’ styles which were very popular in seasons past, particularly at fashion house Brock Collection.

The third style is the silk slip dress, in a soft shade of pink, peach, and of course the classic black. These dresses are form-fitting, hitting the shin once again, and are matched to an oversized blazer-style jacket that hits the lower hip. This style plays heavily on the masculine/feminine paradox, so ensure that your blazer is quite man-ish. You could also take this look to the next level with ankle-grazing combat boots for an additional masculine feel. Another direction you can go with the slip dress is the ‘indoor-outdoor’ coat jacket which is cut like an outdoor coat but in the weight of an indoor jacket. This fitted jacket is cut like a blazer but in a midi length. In seasons’ past, we have struggled to ensure that our coats are either the same length as our dresses or longer, well this season, the jacket needs to be shorter than the dress 🙂 I swear these folks are playing with us!

If You Are Wearing Pants


There are three significant pant styles this season, the straight cut, the pleated wide-leg, and also the fitted flare. And each of them requires a different shape top!

Let’s start with the straight cut, this pant has a flat front and hits the top of your shoes. There are two different directions as well, there is the collegiate style (the best ones are by Orseund Iris) that you will instinctively wear with loafers, and a blazer, don’t forget to layer on top, another important trend this season. You can also opt for a crop top under your blazer for a more evening look. Try a very trendy vest, either tailored or knit to get the look. The second direction for the straight pant is the worker pant. We’ve seen an uber-popular style also by Orseund Iris) which includes a variety of pockets, but it comes across as worker not combat. With this style of pant, there top is generally a different color to the bottom.

The next trending shape is the pleated wide-leg, if you are going to wear these you need to wear them like a teenager, or just pass. You may be tempted to put on your heels or even your platforms, but this is not the direction this fall. These pants are slouchy, puddle around the shoes and are worn with a short knit sweater, with or without your stomach showing, need I say more…. You could match this style with a blazer, but we would suggest you move to the flared pant if you prefer the heels and blazer look, in which case, wear a crop top underneath, or a bralette if you prefer for maximum impact. In this baggy pant style, the top and bottom should again be in different colors. 

Thirdly is the dependable flare pant, which is made for grownups, finally something for grownups ;)) This is your traditional silhouette which you can wear with a hip grazing over-sized blazer. The rule is generally, the baggier the blazer the more skin needs to show. If you do like a head-to-toe one-color look this is where you can implement it, as in Jacquemus, who championed this look.

If You Are Wearing A Pantsuit


Well, I think we’ve covered the pantsuit situation above, but I do feel that we need to reiterate! 

The straight-legged pant is being matched to a college-style blazer, it’s a mix and matches look, and the jacket can be a tweed for example to drive home the college feel. Don’t forget to layer. Alternatively, you can wear this pant shape with an ‘indoor-outdoor’ jacket for a more glamorous look, again matched to loafers. In this case, you can wear a head-to-toe one color look which is really great in the ‘make me a little taller’ department.

When it comes to the relaxed baggy pant, keep it short on top. With either a short sweater style or a new season pilot bomber jacket which got a lot of attention at Balmain. Attempting to wear a blazer with this pant is not really advised unless you are really tall and super cool!

The flared pant is really where you’ll be getting the traditional pantsuit look this season, whether you choose to color-block or wear one color from head-to-toe, just make sure it’s impactful.

If You Are Wearing A Skirt


Skirts have gone to extremes this season, and there is no middle ground really. You either go short as in mini or long as in midi. 

The midi skirt was everywhere this season, either in a pleated version, matched to boots in a traditional manner and a fitted blazer. This classic look really gives us the opportunity to play with more realistic pieces such as lace blouses and turtlenecks. 

The mini skirt, in a very Eighties style, was also heavily featured this season. Worn with towering pointy pumps at Saint Laurent, really took us back in time. Matched to a loose-fitting hip grazing blazer, worn with either a bodysuit or bralette. Another interesting silhouette was also the high-low which I guess is expected for winter when you need to wear a coat sometimes. On the runways, short skirts were matched with flowing coats and combat boots for a casual and appealing look.

If You Are Wearing A Skirt Suit


Yes! Skirt suits featured heavily on the runways this season. Perhaps inspired by our need to return to the workplace, and our desire to dress like women at work, not like men. Midi skirt either fitted or loose, to the shins was key, with tidy tops to match. Chanel took the skirt suit in another direction, perfect for ladies who lunch, head-to-toe matching tweed suits in a slightly above the knee version matched to tiny tops. There was also the tiny skirt and matching above knee lose jacket-coat that could also work well for a day out with the ladies!

That’s it folks, have a great one!