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Bolero Jacket

The Bolero Jacket Is One Of Fall’s Hero Pieces

If there is one piece that seems to dominate the fall scene, it is the bolero jacket. The short, light outwear that you can wear over everything from tank tops to wedding dresses. 

Seen everywhere on the runways and the streets, this piece will be a fall hero for a reason. It will allow you to take your favorite summer slip dresses all through fall nights and look so elegant by simply throwing on a cropped jacket. 

What is a bolero jacket? 

Bolero Jacket

It is a short, open-front outwear piece. It is a fashionable formal coverup piece that comes in different lengths. Some boleros hit on the central point above the sternum and others hit right on the waist. 

Go for faux fur, satin, beaded, or lace boleros over formal gowns and evening dresses. If you choose the right cut and length, you can wear your bolero jacket as a blazer. Throw on a short-sleeved, cotton bolero over your maxi dress, crop top, button-down, or even a crisp t-shirt tucked into a pair of skinny jeans to take your casual look to the next level. Add an extra layer of warmth by simply putting on a shrug/bolero sweater that can work as a cover for certain office settings.