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The Biggest Jewelry Trends That Will Warm Your Heart Comes Winter

1 || Statement Cuffs

Jewelry Trends

 The rule? The bigger the better. Either go bold and creative and stack some cuffs or let a standout piece do all the magic, your choice. 

2 || Moving Fringes

Jewelry Trends

Fringes do not seem to go anywhere. This fall they have made their way into jewelry and it is cool. Tasseled necklaces, earrings, belts, and body jewelry are pieces we are going to see everywhere this season. 

3 || Flower Power

Jewelry Trends

Floral-adorned jewelry pieces were a mainstay on the fall runways. flowers bloomed everywhere; on bracelet cuffs, earrings, rings, brooches, and chokers. So don’t underestimate what a floral piece can make to your fall look.

4 || Crystal Clear

Jewelry Trends

Big and dropping crystals are having a moment this fall. So don’t be hesitant to put on that chunky chandelier earring or longer-than-life necklace. Go bold or go home. 

5 || The Updated Pearls 

Jewelry Trends

From chokers to oversized stud earrings, pearls that are inspired by Gen Z were all the rage this fall. 

6 || Play The Brooch Game

Jewelry Trends

Not what your grandma used to wear. Thanks to brands like Burberry and Chanel, brooches have got a super cool and modern update this season. While these are not your grandma’s brooches, they definitely can be worn by all generations.