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Kylie Jenner

Kylie Jenner Embraces A “Quiet Luxury” Style

Quiet luxury is undoubtedly having a moment right now. We have seen this fashion approach in the most unlikely places and adopted by the most unlikely celebrities, hello Kylie Jenner.

The youngest of the Kardashians, who’s known for her statement and super dramatic looks, has been spotted in Paris last week adopting a very unexpected style. She has switched her regular wares for a much more understated aesthetic.

Over the weekend, Jenner was seen in three different looks, all of which shared a common element: minimalism. All three looks were in black-and-white color palettes and timeless, classic silhouettes.

While her recent looks may feel a bit understated at first glance, all of them were comprised of luxury designer pieces from Bottega Veneta dress to Maximillian Davis skirt suit. And this is the core of the quiet luxury aesthetic.