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Spring Prints

Spring Prints That You’ll Want To Try From Now

Print trends this spring are an updated version of what we saw during fall season. Designers have taken things to the next level adding more drama and colors for an impact that is hard to miss. Add your touch and mix and match with different prints and colors for a unique and unforgettable look. 

1 || Super Stripy 

Spring Prints

Horizontal or vertical, or wide or narrow, stripes are one of those trends that set to dominate. Stripes were the main attraction for several designers , and they didn’t hold back, playing with different colors, textures, and sizes for maximum impact. We have seen a lot of bright stripes, some were matched with checkerboard print (think Emily in Paris). Choose a striped top, pants, skirt matched to a solid color or other print, or wear a whole striped dress for a stronger presence.

2 || Logo 

Spring Prints

The trend that was encouraged by Gucci in the last season continues to dominate this season too. The runways were filled with logo prints in every shape and form. There was also a lot of mixing and matching of logos in a single outfit. It’s worth acknowledging the power of Gucci’s Alessandro Michele when it comes to fashion. 

3 || Florals

Spring Prints

Flowers for spring? Very natural. We have seen some flowers blooming on almost every spring runway this year. And while your small floral printed dress looks beautiful, this year bigger flowers are taking place… The rule? Go big or go home. 

4 || DYE 

Spring Prints

Tie-dye is having a serious moment in the fashion world in the last few years. And it is more than welcome this spring too as we need more colors and fun. This season a modern take on the print occurred, it is not only for the young ones anymore. Altuzarra and Isabel Marant introduced a very chic version that you can actually wear both day and night. 

5 || Micro Checks

Spring Prints

Checkerboards have moved into the springtime this year. 

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