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Shearling Jackets

Why Are Shearling Jackets Considered An Investment?

Jacket season is officially in full swing. And we are super excited about all the cool coat trends out there. As colder days hit, you will need a warmer jacket. Introducing the shearling jacket, one of the most popular coat trends for fall 2022. Not only because they are heavenly warm, but also because they are timeless and will elevate any of your outfits.

But before investing in this cozy essential piece, there are a few things you need to know. For instance, did you know that shearling, sherpa, and sheepskin do not refer to the same type of jacket?

What is the difference between shearling, sherpa, and sheepskin?

A lot of people use these three terms to search for the same item, while they actually refer to three different materials (I personally didn’t know that before). The softest shearling is taken from the hide of young lambs, whereas sheepskin is obtained from grown sheep that feel a bit rougher. As for sherpa, it is a fabric often made from polyester and sometimes from acrylic, bamboo, and cotton. It is also known as faux shearling as it resembles real wool-lined clothing.

Shearling Jackets

What determines the price of a shearling jacket?

Ever wondered what determines the price of a shearling piece and why some jackets are much more expensive than others? Well, many factors play a role in that, some include:

1 || Warmth to weight ratio

Ever held two shearling jackets from two different stores and found that one was much heavier than the other but they both provided the same amount of warmth? Let us explain.  

Generally speaking, most expensive jackets have thinner leather and denser wool, so they are so light and so warm at the same time. This has a lot to do with where the sheep and lamb were raised. Sheep raised in colder environments, for example, have thicker, finer wool for warmth, whereas sheep raised in less cold places naturally have less wool and heavier hides.

2 || Softness of the wool

The finer and denser the wool, the more expensive the coat will be. Just like your thick wool sweater and your finer Merino wool sweater, softer wool that feels more like plush, exotic fur will definitely cost you more.

3 || The style & manufacturing process

All shearling coats and jackets you see in the market go through a very hard and time-consuming manufacturing process. The first step is selecting pelts; they should all match so each coat seems like it came from the same lamb and has equal weight, coloring, and wool density. Once matching pelts are acquired, the patterns are cut manually by a highly-skilled craftsman. Finally, the pelts are sewn together.

This is why less expensive coats have rugged styling, while higher-priced coats have a more fashionable style that requires longer or more uniquely shaped sheepskin pieces. Also, longer jackets need more work, and therefore, you may find them on the pricier side.

Shearling Jackets

Why should you go for a real shearling instead of a fake one?

A shearling jacket is your perfect investment piece for many reasons. They keep you warm on the coldest winter days, and this is without sacrificing your style. And quality shearling coats will last forever in your closet. A sherpa or faux shearling coat, on the other hand, is not as warm or soft and will never last as long, they may even shed wool or even fall apart at the seams.