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These Are The Colors That Everyone Will Be Wearing This Spring

Spring runways were like candies for the eyes, which basically means there is no place for neutrals this season. Orange with fuchsia, chocolate brown, raspberry and cerulean blue and orange with green, the color combinations on the catwalks looked so juicy and vital. 

1 || Fifty Shades of White

Spring Color

When in doubt go for a full white outfit. Head-to-toe white was everywhere on the runways. It is a great one for minimalists and for the ones who are not into colors so much. 

2 || Green is Dominating

Spring Color

Whether on its own or mixed with different green shades or other bright colors, different shades of greens almost appeared on every runway this spring and we love it. It was the most dominating color on the runway. From lime green to saturated neon designers left us with lots of ways to get creative with this color. 

3 || Bright Pink

Spring Color

Another color that is still going strong on the runways for yet another season. Bubblegum brights are the way to go if you want to make a feminine impact. Fuchsia/ orange mix was really huge this spring. 

4 || The Blues

Spring Color

Clearly, all nature’s hues are trending for spring. From light to royal blue, it is one of the most identifying colors of the season.

5 || Hot Orange 

Spring Color

SS 2022 is all about picking the brightest orange that you can find and wearing it from head to toe. If you are not as bold as wearing orange heels, soften things up a little by matching your orange dress or suit with black heels or a blue bag for instance.

6 || Radiant Yellow

Spring Color

It’s clear now that it is a bright color season. Almost all runways were trying to tell us to shine like the sun this spring. A dress or a suit or head-to-toe or mixed with other vibrant colors, whatever way you wear it, this color is guaranteed to brighten your mood.

7 || Very-Peri

Spring Color

This color is not going anywhere any time soon and we are super excited. This spring has offered us almost all flower colors so we can feel joy and vitality and periwinkle is one of them. It is considered one of the most identifying colors of the season so wear it with a lot of confidence and make an impact. 

8 || Creams Not Whites

Spring Color

Not yellow not white cream. This is the color to go in this standout shade season if you are a minimalist or pared-back dresser.