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The New Take On Leather This Fall

Leather and fall is a combination that continues to thrive over the years. And while a piece of leather is familiar to see during winter, head-to-toe is the new take on leather for fall 2022. We have seen leather pieces everywhere on fall runways and street styles such as dresses, jumpsuits, jackets, tank tops, skirts, boots, and bags.

The cool thing now is that with the awareness of fashion’s effect on our planet and how we need to go for more sustainable options, we are seeing more ethical-approved leather options like vegan leather which is basically made of either pineapple, mushroom, cactus, Cork, or paper. 

But how to rock the heavy full leather look?

While it is not an easy look to pull off, you don’t have to be a fashion blogger or model to rock the look. By following a few tricks and starting small you can create looks that are Instagram-worthy. 

1 || Keep it balanced 

The key to nailing a full leather look is to get the proportions right. Wide-leg pants and a top or jacket require cinching the waist to create definition. On the other hand, wearing a mid-length skirt with paired with knee-high leather boots create the illusion of longer legs.

2 || Mix leather colors

If you can’t see yourself wearing a full black leather look, you can start with matching different leather colors. It is a cool and fun way to get into the full leather trend. You can even match black leather with a leather top of a different color. 

3 || The one-piece way

Mixing and matching different leather pieces can be a bit tricky. Leave this till you get more confident with the trend and try to go the easy way by opting for a leather jumpsuit or dress. you can match these with leather shoes and a bag or you can opt to soften things down a bit by matching them with pieces of other fabrics. 

4 || Start with one leather piece

You don’t have to go full leather if you’re just incorporating the fabric into your wardrobe. A statement piece of leather can do the work at first. Leather pants, blazer, top, or skirt. You can even start by adding a leather accessory to your looks like gloves, boots, or a bag. 

5 || Break the look

Not ready to go full leather? Break your leather suit with a white or black tank top. Or opt for leather pants with a white or black cotton shirt. The trick here is to add another element to your full leather look to soften things a bit.