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8 Outerwear Brands We Are Obsessing Over

We are guessing that with the first cold front of the season behind us, you are all scrambling into winter wardrobes for your dependable outerwear, and then possibly scrambling to find a new one to buy as well.  

We’ve been there and that’s why we know the very best 8 outerwear companies that really have proven that they can be much more than a standard puffer jacket.  Here you go!

1|| Holden

Outerwear Brand

This brand creates modern performance-fashion (we love this term) that flows seamlessly between city life and outdoor adventure.  Based in Venice, California, the company is inspired by world-class outdoor activities, and the culture, music and art that surrounds them.  The collections blend luxury materials, cutting edge technology, modern proportions and sustainable principles.  Need we say more!!

2|| Goldbergh

Outerwear Brand

Goldbergh incorporates fashion into sportswear design, taking women uphill or downtown in style. Its collection is designed to give women the freedom to move with confidence, whether they’re conquering new heights in the snow or pushing past their limits in the gym.  Recognized around the world for premium quality and craftsmanship, Goldbergh is the first choice for elite athletes as well as women who simply enjoy being active and looking fantastic.

3|| Shoreditch Ski Club

Outerwear Brand

With sustainability at the heart of what they do, Shoreditch Ski Club has carved a niche for itself as a totally cool and luxurious, globally-friendly brand. Their puffer jackets (what they refer to as Puffa) are made from either partly or 100% recycled fibres, and the filling is made of 100% recycled plastic bottles!  How awesome is that!

4|| The Frankie Shop

Outerwear Brand

Not a brand often associated with outwear, The Frankie Shop has a pretty spectacular selection of outer jackets are great a great price point.  They have a particularly strong fashion edge, with oversizing and unique silhouettes as their main offering, as with their overall signature style.  We’re loving this, just make sure you can pull it off.  Word of advice, they are already oversized so stick to your true size.

5|| Holzweiler

Outerwear Brand

Need something a little less fashion-conscious, look no further than Oslo-based Holzweiler.  This brand has jackets that are beautifully cut yet understated in their fashion flair which may suit some of us better.  Their commitment to sustainability also makes them a good choice.

6|| Yves Salmon

Outerwear Brand

Yes you may know Yves Salmon as the fur company, but they have come a very long way in the past decade, churning out fantastic styles that are both luxurious and on-trend.  Keeping in mind the world’s distaste for fur in general Yves Salmon has chosen to incorporate more modern materials into their designs making them a great choice for those in search of a little vavavoom in the outerwear department.

7|| Nicole Benisti

Outerwear Brand

Speaking of vavavoom we absolutely adore this Canadian luxury outerwear brand.  At once functional and fashionable, they don’t shy away from giving you plenty of design bang for your buck. From tweeds to shiny nylons there is something for every one of you fashionistas out there.  

8|| Woolrich

Outerwear Brand

This historical brand is based out of Pennsylvania and calls itself ‘The Original Outdoor Clothing Company’, having produced high-quality garments for outdoor enthusiasts for over 190 years.  This is where you will find your most dependable winter coat with just enough design elements to keep you current.