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All the Fall Shoe Trends for 2021

Fall 2021 will go down in history as the Morning After’ season. Collections that were created during the lockdown, to be worn 6 months later when there is no lockdown It feels quite odd, feelings and emotions are integral to collections and the disconnect between the conception and birth of the collection is striking.

When we talk shoes and accessories in general it is a follow-through from the fashion itself. There was little caution in the fashion realm, with designers creating to their heart’s desire. Not everything was over the top, on the contrary, there was real consideration of what we actually need in the real world with tidy suits and comforting knitwear. In the world of shoes, the single word that describes almost everything is ‘stability’, and we can totally understand where that sentiment came from. There was also a new normal, popular trends given a fresh update to accommodate our new COVID personas. Well, what am I waiting for, without further ado, we present the ultimate fall shoe trends guide. 

The Platform

Prada || 2. Tods || 3. Chloe || 4. Simone Rocha || 5. Erdem || 6. Versace || 7. Versace

Speaking of stability, platforms played a hefty role on the runways, and in more than one way. There was of course the traditional round-toe, block-heel platform heels from yesteryears, but there was also a substantial amount of creativity as well. The traditional loafer that has been trending for a few seasons now also received the platform treatment. Additionally shin-grazing boots at Stella McCartney in a creamy rubbery platform. At Versace, the treatment was in black rubber with interesting logo designs inscribed into the sole. Heels or flats, shoes or boots everything was treated to an elevated platform look. These platforms weren’t delicate, they were almost deliberate. Big and chunky to provide stability and comfort, much needed we say!

Color,  Color and More Color

Koche || 2. Versace || 3. Prada || 4. Moschino || 5. Prada || 6. Blumarine || 7. Longchamp

There were two color trends for shoes this season, firstly rainbow brights and secondly color block.  The rainbow brights came in solid, vibrant shades were invariably made of satin.  At times these bright shoes extended all the way up to become leggings (like Balenciaga’s look way back when), but to be honest these were just on the runway for effect.  There is no way our newly minted Covid personas are going to tolerate such absurdities.The second infusion of color was in color blocking, where to be honest they were more monochrome looks and less ‘color’.  The loafers and brogues from past seasons were given a new life with color blocking, as did the traditional heeled pump with a contrast point, a familiar yet welcome look.

The Hybrid Clog Mule

J.W.Anderson || 2. Coach || 3. Dolce & Gabbana || 4. Versace || 5. Chloe || 6. Chloe

The clog mule is a hybrid of everything that we love and pine for.  The nostalgia of the Seventies with a finely crafted wooden clog, and of course our days of comfy lockdown and our fuzzy Birks and house slippers.  This season there was comfort, then there was elevated comfort, depending on the designer.  Some took our favorite trend and upped the ante with some serious glam, like at Versace, then there was the comfy slipper at Stella McCartney which is bound to be a keen favorite albeit not so useful in the rain.

The Fuzz

Proenza Schouler|| 2. Maisie Wilen || 3. Fendi|| 4. Dries Van Noten || 5. Acne Studios || 6. Ambush || 7. Dior

Well we couldn’t exactly leave our comfy bedroom slippers behind could we.  Shearling, soft fur and even knits were incorporated into more formal shoes such as furry slingbacks at Fendi, shearling riding boots at Dior and soft fluffy sneakers at Ambush. In the past, textures other than leather were considered luxurious, such as fur and satin. Today these iterations bring more comfort than glamour, a reminder of the very personal time we spent at home during lockdown.

Shiny Metallics

Molly Goddard || 2. Dolce & Gabbana || 3. Isabel Marant || 4. Victoria Beckham || 5. Victoria Beckham|| 6. Jil Sander

Why shiny boots and shoes were on the runway could be explained in a variety of ways actually.There is the obvious, it followed through from a very strong metallics trend in clothing for Fall.Shine was a strong element this season, and the shoes did not disappoint, looking towards a bright future, the light at the end of the proverbial tunnel or even a time to celebrate life, all we know is that the metallics seen on shoes were futuristic, shiny and interestingly supple, (oftentimes metallics especially shiny ones come in a stiffer leather to allow for even more shine).

Loafers and Brogues

Max Mara || 2. Tods || 3. 3.1 Philip Lim || 4. Gabriela Hearst || 5.

Tods Well, we definitely need loafers and brogues with all the suiting available for us to wear for Fall. Loafers have been around for a couple of seasons and were given a couple of upgrades. Firstly they can be in color blocks, mostly monochromatic, we saw this trend on the Moschino runway. Secondly, the loafers were given platforms and color at Tod\’s, and thirdly the brogue was given a style update at Prada with a futuristic shape and heel, which could almost be considered a hybrid between a clog and a brogue which is completely in line with the season’s need to have the best of both worlds, comfort, and formality. So plenty to choose from.

The Traditional Pump

1. Balmain || 2. Valentino || 3. Dolce & Gabbana || 4. Gucci || 5. Tom Ford || 6. Tods | 7. Rokh

The focus really wasn’t on the traditional pump this season. Yes, there were a few slingbacks at Fendi, and of course a couple of pointy high heels at Saint Laurent but in general the focus was on comfort and or platforms, and very little in between. So where does that actually leave us when we are dressing up? Well, satin is an important element, there were pretty satin pumps at Tom Ford with school-like bows, you definitely need to incorporate the platform evening shoe as seen at Versace, a round-toe sixties-inspired ankle strap. When you do want to get dressed for work, the traditional pump comes in an upgraded color variety, red shoes at Tod’s, and still lots of light shades, but this season more so cream and less so white. Simply put the runway wasn’t really feeling the pump, but it’s an integral part of our wardrobe and we can’t just dismiss them from our lives, because the runways said so 🙂


1. Tods || 2. Simone Rocha || 3. || 4. Balmain || 5. Moschino

No surprise here, lace-ups are big news on the runways yet again. Think chunky Doc Martens and camel-colored Caterpillar workman’s boots.  Thick soles for balance, and zigzagged for additional grip, these boots show our resilience and equally our need for support at this time.  As for the height of these laces there are no rules, everything goes, and as we always say, make sure you buy a pair (if you are in the market for them) that have the fancy lacework BUT do have a side zip, because seriously who has the time.

Outdoors / Indoors

1.  Off-White || 2.  Red Valentino || 3. Givenchy || 4. Salvatore Ferragamo || 5.Versace || 6. Kenzo

Rubber still reigns on the runways, from good-old-fashioned Crocs style, seen at Gucci in that fashionable cream color, or traditional rubber Wellington boots at Burberry.  We even saw Mandarin Ducks on one runway.  The point though was that these were worn indoors as well.  Givenchy drove the trend home with rubbery galoshes styled for the evening and worn with the sexiest of evening dresses.  So yeah, put those rubber boots on, rain or shine.

 Knee-High Boots

1. Saint Laurent || 2. Khaite  || 3. Etro ||  4. Fendi  || 5. Ula Johnson || 6. 

Hermes  Back to basics with this trend, no surprises and nothing excluded.  As long as your boots are at your knee caps or higher you are good to go.  Leathers, faux reptile skins and even patent on the Zimmermann runway.  Mostly pointy although not overly so, although there was also a round toe futuristic, which also happens to be a vintage trend from the Mod sixties.  What goes around, comes around right?? Soft and slouchy, or stiffer and upright, there is no right and wrong this season.  Add color of course and fuzz to update your look.  As for heels, mostly block heels, again for the support and a more realistic lifestyle.

Sneaker Power

1. Tommy Hilfiger || 2. Philipp Plein || 3. Philipp Plein 4. Dolce & Gabbana || 5. Ambush

Well, sneakers aren’t going anywhere, any time soon.  There are constantly changing though.  Not many stiff sneakers in the spirit of Valentino and Adidas’ traditional Stan Smiths.  More Nike’s inspired shoes this season, sneakers that are meant for running out of here ;)) They were given a glamorous upgrade, with plenty of interesting color combinations and accessories.