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Luís Onofre

Luís Onofre || The Summer Shoe Closet Refresh

Details that are sure to steal every stare are what made us discover the fascinating footwear brand, Luís Onofre. Found in 1993, the brand aims to empower women by making them feel more elegant, beautiful, confident, and stylish. 

The shoe design was never the plan for Luís Onofre, the designer behind the brand, but he fell in love with it after he designed and produced his first shoe. 

“I never wanted shoes. Never even considered it. I was studying design in São João da Madeira, and, honestly, I was tired of it. I designed my first shoe and we made it at the factory. When I saw that first shoe being made, that’s when I radically changed my mind.”

Because they believe that perfect shoes need elite components, Onofre relies exclusively on the finest names in raw material sourcing.

Their latest collection features some flying birds as a thoughtful reimagination of free-flying bold styles for the season. Worn and loved by many many icons in the fashion world, Luís Onofre always makes sure to reinvent our favorite shapes in modern and refreshing ways. 

Their vibrant pairings will make you live a romantic daydream experience. Shop them at Here.