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Spring Trend

2023 Spring Trend Guide || Tailoring

This spring is bringing back a lot of trends that we have missed and is offering us fresh variations of trends we’ve always loved. With plenty of added pockets and taken-out pieces, here are how to elevate the most beloved trends to look even more contemporary.

1 || Cargo Pants

Spring Trend

If there is one piece that should be in your wardrobe for spring, it is the cargo pant! Yes, they are strongly back. The spring version comes in more tailored silhouettes, interesting pocket placement, unexpected fabrics (think organza and silk), and fun colors that go beyond khaki. This statement-making piece will elevate your looks with minimum effort.  

2 || Cutouts

Spring Trend

The cargo pant trend emphasizes the addition of pockets, while the cutout trend focuses on the removal of pieces. This season, it is all about what fills the void, what the cutouts reveal is as important as the cutouts themselves. So make sure to choose your piece smartly. And with almost every designer tapping into the trend, you are bound to find something that suits you directly. 

Our Picks

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3 || Detailed Denim

Spring Trend

Why stick to basics when you can be fun? Put your basic denim aside for now because this spring they are replaced with more detailed and interesting options like denim strapless dresses, shirting, undergarments, and shoes. Your only task is to choose timeless cuts and silhouettes that can stay in your closet even when the novelty factor diminishes. 

4 || Sleek Tailoring 

Spring Trend

The Suiting trend which gained popularity last summer continues to thrive in 2023, with updated variations such as suit vests and pinstripes. So, don’t hesitate to embrace this trend by investing in your favorite matching set.