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Dopamine Dressing || 2021 Is ‘Feel-Good Trend

Loungewear had its moment in 2020, and although we had no choice but to dress comfortably throughout last year, comfortable fashion was too forgiving and we are grateful. But that is over! Today’s fashion is all about happiness. This mood is something that has certainly been reflected in designer collections, with retailers banking on bright colors and joyful dressing as key trends to watch out for once we are on the other side of the pandemic.

Have you ever felt more confident just by wearing one of your favorite colors or outfits? There is actually a science behind it. While getting enough sleep, exercising, listening to music, meditating, spending time in the sun, and having a great time with your loved ones can all boost dopamine levels, did you know that you can also dress yourself happy?? The association between brightly colored clothing and happiness is not new; in fact, the idea of instilling joy through what we wear has a name… “dopamine dressing”. Can the colors we wear have an impact on our mood? And is it something we should be thinking about when we get dressed every morning? And how to know what the optimal dopamine-boosting outfit for you is?

What Are The Basics Of Dopamine?

Our brains produce dopamine; the happy hormone and our nervous system uses it to send messages between nerve cells. And it affects your mood, motivation, memory, and attention. When dopamine is released in large amounts, it creates feelings of pleasure and reward which motivates us to repeat a specific behavior. That explains why some behaviors like shopping can be addictive. That said, when you have low levels of dopamine you feel low and vice versa.

How Is It Done?

Unlike regular massage, lymphatic drainage massage has a very light pressure because the lymphatic system is close to the surface of the skin. It may also include some rocking or gentle shaking motions to stimulate the fluid under the skin to move.

How Can Your Outfit Boost Dopamine?

If you are anything like me, then I am pretty sure that the whole process from ordering clothing, receiving them to unboxing your package and trying the clothes on can make you feel electric. There is just something about new clothes that make your brain zing and boost dopamine, much like other things that make you feel good. But it is important to note that despite the strong connection between colors and a good mood, dopamine dressing is not necessarily about swathing yourself in certain bright colors and prints. That is simply because what feels good for someone might not feel good for another, which brings us to something else called personal style.

But How To Dress In A Way That Will Boost Your Dopamine?

1 || Ask yourself each time you wear an outfit “does it spark joy or does it make me more confident?” Beware of how do you feel in each piece you wear and take notes like; I really like myself in this blazer while I really don’t like how I feel in that top.

2 || Be as precise as possible. Whenever you like an outfit you need to make an effort to know why you liked it. Is it the overall vibe of the look (e.g. preppy, bohemian, or minimalist), the color scheme, the brand or the silhouette?

Instead of saying I like that pair of pants because it’s comfortable and has a nice fit find out what exact feature of the piece makes it so comfortable and well-fitting. The all-natural material, the high waist, the thicker fabric?

Once you define what you like about these pieces, you’ll have a detailed list that you can refer to when you go shopping.