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Updating Your Sandal Collection? Sandal Brands You Should Know About

If you are anything like us, you’re probably looking for the perfect pair of sandals which will serve you all summer long. Because whether you are going on a vacation, running weekend errands, or lounging at home all day, sandals are your perfect go-to shoe for summer. 

Looking at this season’s trends, we feel that our sandal collection needs a major update. Trends are so versatile, and options are endless, making the search process kind of a headache. To save your time, effort, and sanity we have done the research for you and have brought you the best sandal brands to shop from that are not Gucci or Saint Laurent. But before you shop your new pair, you need to know what makes a sandal right for you… Ask yourself: Do I need a pair of comfortable sandals so good that I can wear them for hours without painful rubbing or blisters? Or do I just need a pair of adult-looking flip-flops to pack away on vacation? This way, you’ll get a better understanding of your needs, so you don’t go wrong with your next purchase. 

1 || Birkenstock


Yes, so obvious, but we couldn’t skip this one. If you’re looking for comfort and style in one sandal, Birkenstock is the brand to go. Their sandals are timeless and their spring collection is super refreshing. Not to mention their super interesting latest collaboration with Manolo Blahnik. 

2 || Teva


Again, if comfort is your goal, this one is another great option. Looking at their cool colored sandals make you want to go for a hike right now. 

3 || Sorel


A scroll through their website, and you will start imagining yourself at the beach. You can’t go wrong with their cool designed and candy colored options. 

4 || TKEES


A must-have in minimalists wardrobes. Tkees footwear goes perfectly well with your day or night outfits. Their earth-toned sandals made us want to own the whole collection… because why not?

5 || Birdies


Meghan Markle-approved brand. Do we need to elaborate? 

6 || ST. Agni


ST. Agni takes a modern touch on our functional and classic leather sandal. Their footwear pairs perfectly well with your jeans, dress and pantsuit. 

7 || Rag & Bone

Rag & Bone designs work for both minimalists and maximalists. Whether you are a neutral or colors person there is something for you. Their sandals will get you ready for both your beach or groceries day. 



The affordable version of your luxury sandal. If you loved the braided style from Gianvito Rossi but don’t want to break the bank, KAANAS is a great alternative. They have a wide range of some really cool designs and colors, good luck choosing the perfect pair. 

9 || Freedom Moses


If you love prints, you will love Freedom Moses sandals. We loved every single style they have. You’ll also find some really cool solid colors if you are not a prints fan. Make sure to follow them on Instagram, their page will bring life to your feed.