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Your Next ‘IT’ Bag Is A Blast From The Past

Vintage reviving is one of the strongest trends of the year. Luxury brands returning to their roots and recreating their iconic designs from the past. Gucci for instance has been turning to its vintage archival designs and re-making them in new ways… We loved how it reworked the Jackie bag. Saint Laurent is another fashion giant that looked to its vintage archives and brought back key styles in new and exciting modern iterations. 

Your Next 'IT' Bag Is A Blast From The Past

But things don’t stop here, it seems like the vintage trend is putting a much bigger fingerprint on the fashion scene. Recently our feed on Instagram was filled with fashionistas, models, and bloggers carrying ‘old’ handbag styles. And with that, we don’t mean re-made handbags but actually bags from past seasons. This means that now you can wear a handbag from 2017, for instance, with no shame, and with so much confidence. The only condition is for your bag to be cool and neat. 

This trend comes in synchrony with the world’s movement toward sustainability. So for the love of everything vintage, if you still have some old handbags in the back of your wardrobe, it is time to pull them out and off. If not, and you’re really into the classic style, try finding a pre-loved gem secondhand and wear it with so much confidence and love.