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A Sparkling Skirt Is All That You Need This Holiday

When it comes to fall trends, the fashion world has got everyone covered. We have the quiet minimal aesthetic that is all about basic white t-shirts and tank tops. Then there are the maximalists who love to leave it all to their outfits with strong colors, dramatic styles, and of course, dazzling pieces.

As the festive season is around the corner, even the most minimal people have the chance to try something new, maybe something bold. And we can’t think of something that says party season quite like some dazzling, shimmering sequins. But guess what, you don’t have to bear a full sequinned look if you don’t feel like it. Introducing the mermaid skirt trend. These skirts will allow you to look festive-y with no exaggeration. 

The mermaid skirt is taking over recently with a lot of designers dabbling in the shimmering look from sequin and metallic to sparkling disc and shiny lamé skirts. A statement piece that is super fun to have in your wardrobe. Unlike full sequinned dresses that feel too much of a commitment, a shimmering skirt can be easily dressed up or down.

When it comes to styling options, the sky is the limit. Generally, wear your sparkling skirt with a cozy winter knit, a crisp shirt, or a plain white T-shirt if you want a more daytime-appropriate look. Or swap shoes and accessories to take it from a friend’s brunch to a Christmas party in an instant.

If you opt for a mini skirt match it with your sweatshirt and boots for a cool and fun look. A Luxe Lamé skirt would look great in gold or silver matched with a contrasting tank top. A great way to dazzle at your evening party or brunch is to go for a mini with playful oversized paillettes and wear it with your white button-up cropped shirt. Or aim to transform your girls’ night out with a hypnotizing sequin skirt with your classic button-up. If you are bold enough, wear a two-in-one trend by choosing a fanciful fringe metallic skirt that comes with a matching top to rock your party dancing look.