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Aya Mufleh

Our Exclusive Interview With Aya Mufleh of iShimmer

Founded by Ayah Mufleh, iShimmer is a minimalist false lashes brand made for sensitive eyes. Each lash unfolds a story of passion & perseverance in starting your own thing.

What inspired you to start I-Shimmer?

Aya Mufleh

iShimmer lashes are a result of a market gap that I felt needed to be filled as a consumer, I have very sensitive eyes and hate how false lashes steal away features, the eyes tell us so much about the individual they should be enhanced and not concealed,

Three words that describe you as an entrepreneur.

Always a yes for any opportunity, passionate/ambitious, perseverance.

Why are eyelashes important in beauty?

Your eyes hold your story, your character, and your individuality. Ishimmer lashes are subtle touch-ups and emphasize the unique beauty of the eyes.

How big is the eyelash industry?

Aya Mufleh

Huge, and it is estimated to reach 1.96 billion USD by 2028.

What was your business strategy for I-Shimmer?

I didn’t follow the traditional business model for start-ups, I just went with it at first as a passion and love for beauty products. I had my logo created, my own packaging designs, and created my own website on Shopify to kick start with family and friends, once the company re-launched in 2019 the vision of the brand was established. There was one strategy that always remained, to build a community, shared feedback and thoughts for the lashes, among friends, and global makeup artists, and design lashes together.

Who is your target market?

Aya Mufleh

Everyone really who wears false lashes of all ages, they are different than regular ones on the market, they are undetectable and were created to include styles that suit and mold to every eye shape, those who don’t like wearing false lashes can use our lash curler as well.

How important is it for lashes to look natural?

Very, ishimmer was built on that, natural minimalism, you don’t want false lashes to steal away from a person’s character or change any features and also feel super comfortable to wear, especially if you have sensitive eyes.

What are your thoughts on magnetic adhesives?

Aya Mufleh

I am not really a fan, could be super easy and quick to apply, but I can’t say they are undetectable.

With the beauty industry moving toward sustainable beauty how is I-shimmer embracing conscious beauty?

We were the first false eyelash brand to shift into sustainable and conscious beauty in 2019, so all our eyelashes are synthetic, vegan lashes. Our packaging is reusable and sustainable, our individual lashes contain no plastic in their box (trays), and our eyelash curler was drawn onto the packaging instead of adding a plastic window for customers to see it.

How has AI technology influenced the beauty industry?  e.g., filters, avatars, and “Instagram face” with big lashes.

Aya Mufleh

It changed how young girls see themselves, it also created this transparent divider between what’s real and what’s fake. I have always been an advocate for raw and real, even with makeup application, to only enhance and not conceal or hide anything. Everyone should feel beautiful in their own way and embrace their individuality.

How has the virtual try-on helped your business?

It took a while to design the lashes virtually honestly, I really wanted the false lashes to look almost identical to how they are without any added filters or makeup add-ons, so raw and real. I wanted the customer to have a real experience with the lashes, so they can put on mascara on their eyes and then try on the lashes, see how they look, put on their usual makeup and see, or completely makeup free and try.

It helped a lot because customers wanted to see how they look with all our different lash styles and try them before they buy.

Have you thought of creating virtual lashes for the metaverse?

Aya Mufleh

Maybe, it’s still an unfolding world. why not.

What is your morning beauty routine?

I simplified my beauty routine a lot, using so many products before irritated my skin, so now I am definitely on the less is more train, I wash my face first, and use the water globes by Sephora that I store in the fridge overnight, it’s so soothing. I apply my moisturizer and SPF. Any targeted needs I do overnight, not during the day, I apply oil on my hair right before having my coffee so that I wash it off after. I change my routine based on my mood and the time that I have.

What advice do you have for anyone entering the beauty industry?

Aya Mufleh

Start don’t wait, and always ask yourself what value are you adding to the beauty market, the industry is infiltrated with products and ideas, it has to stand out, be the product or the approach, it has to add value or be a solution.

What is your future vision for I-Shimmer?

I aspire to reach higher with ishimmer, to collaborate with different brands/women-founded businesses across the globe, and to inspire the younger generation.