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Ready For A New Eveningwear Brand That Is So Worth Your Time? || Meet THYM!

There is no better time to discuss eveningwear than right now! Approaching the year’s end and the much-anticipated season of festivities it’s high time you met Thym! Thym is a Beirut-based eveningwear brand that has become the beloved of Middle Eastern social media influencers such as Karen Wazen, Nour Arida, and Lana El Sahely … and you may have probably seen some of their ravishing work on the Instagrams of these beauties.

Offering splendid collections of modern and contemporary eveningwear in breathtaking fabrics and designs; Thym has become the go-to destination for the uber-stylish ladies of the region. You can either customize an existing dress from their collections according to your measurements or you can have your own bespoke design made to fit your style and needs. If you’re looking for effortless style and confidence, look no further! Read below for CIIN’s exclusive interview with the people behind this breathtaking brand.

1 || THYM has become such a well-known brand in such a short amount of time, to what do you attribute your success?


We believe the reason behind our success is simply that we began offering a different yet a modern and contemporary range of eveningwear for women. I believe there was a lack in that market segment.

2 || Can you tell us a little bit about your start?

The start is always the hardest part. You question yourself so many times and overthink! The goal is to stay focused on your main purpose and to believe in it….. and try not to please everybody!

3 || You offer such versatile pieces that play around with a variety of fabrics, is there a signature look that identifies THYM?


We love playing with different fabrics as well as focusing on delicate details. A mix of boldness and softness I think is a signature look that identifies THYM.

4 || Can you tell us about the talents behind THYM’s designs?

At first, we were a small team of 3. Me, the designer, a pattern maker and a tailor. Now our family grew with more talents making all this happen.

5 || Can you explain to us about the THYM experience?

Since we have our own atelier in our showroom, every customer can personalize her dress according to her measurements, and what most suits her body. And of course, we custom-make dresses for whomever is looking for something more personal and different.

6 || Can you tell us about your latest collection?


Our latest collection AW1819 is inspired by a cold forest. Featuring dark colors and different textures (from silk to velvet) the collection showcases abstract artworks depicting a dramatic take of interwoven leaves and branches.

7 || Tell us about the THYM woman? Who is wearing THYM?

The THYM woman is someone who doesn’t need much to impress. She is confident, strong and feminine at the same time. Girls and women who wear THYM look playful, effortless chic, and edgy.

8 || One cannot help but notice a strong element of art in your pieces, to what extent does art play a role in your designs?


Art is our source of inspiration. It plays the main role in our designs!

9 || In such a competitive market place what would make your brand stand out from the rest, in your opinion?

I think it is the mix of the product and the price. It is a high-end product but with accessible pricing.

10 || What is next for THYM?


We dream big. But taking it one step at a thym:)

11 || What advice can you give the ladies about developing their own unique sense of style?

Style is not only in the clothes you wear. It is in everything you do. Follow your heart to develop your own sense of style and most importantly be comfortable in your choices. This is what makes you who YOU are and what makes you different and unique.