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Anine Bing

Meet LA-based Blogger and Designer Anine Bing

This article was initially titled: ‘Fashion Brands by Some of Our Favorite Bloggers.’ About an hour into the research it became abundantly clear that not many influencers have the stamina to survive the competitive womenswear industry. The two names that do seem to have survived are, to no surprise Chiara Ferragni, less known however is LA based Anine Bing.

Anine Bing

Anine Bing moved to LA at the age of 21, born in Denmark the Scandinavian grew up in Sweden and started blogging in her teens. Bing established her eponymous label six years ago, and is going from strength to strength. This ain’t no ‘shop’ to accent her blog. Anine Bing includes a large scope of products, from womenswear, kids to lingerie and fragrance. She currently has 9 brick and mortar locations across USA, UK and Europe.

Anine Bing

A quick look through her Instagram account and it is clear that Anine has strong personal style which she leveraged to build her brand. When asked by Fashionista about her designs she said,

I have a phrase tattooed into my arm that says, “You know when you know.” That’s really about following your gut — like with a design decision, if I feel this piece is going to be great, then often it will. If it feels good, then you do it. We still very much work out of that gut feeling.

We’ve had a good look at her fantastic e-commerce site and pulled out our favorite picks. Whether or not the pieces will look as trendy on us as they do on Anine is another question entirely…