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Jo Ellery

Jo Ellery by Joanna Saket

Like fashion, fine jewelry is an expression of a creative vision.  Jewels have always been seen as a personal adornment, whether it be a statement piece, a sentimental relic, a declaration of love or a symbol of affluence. People have always gravitated toward jewels as a means of expression.  We recently sat with Joanna Saket, a Jordanian born, Turkey based, jewelry entrepreneur to get a sense of her newly launched fine jewelry brand, her inspirations, and her mission to create wearable timeless jewels for the modern woman.

The multitasking mother of two, Joanna Saket has had an array of entrepreneurial business experiences under her belt, from lavish spas to a clothing boutique and a home interiors store. But it was not until November 2020 that she moved onto a new venture delving into the sparkling world of jewelry design. Spending her days commuting between Jordan and Turkey, Saket came to the realization that she wanted more, she needed a new challenge, a new business endeavor to call her own.  Her entrepreneurial vision allowed her to sense the gap within the jewelry market where style, quality and affordability are desired, but missing. As such, she embarked on a new quest, the creation of Jo Ellery. The brand is unique in its simplicity and its designs are playful, intrinsically classic. Each piece can be dressed up or dressed down as a statement that will last forever.  

I like women to invest in my jewelry

Jo Ellery

The name itself is a humorous play on words that combines the first two letters of Saket’s first name Jo, “Elle” a shoutout to the modern woman, and the “ry” a reference to jewelry. Saket’s passion for jewelry came at a young age, where she would spend time creating her own designs with beads, gifting bracelets, earrings and necklaces to friends and family.  She eventually began drawing her own sketches and fell in love with the creative process, finding inspiration in the everyday beauty of the world.  Her travels allow her to seek out new experiences influencing her collections whimsical process.

Other than her bespoke one-of pieces that she delights with as the haute-couture of her collections and an ode to her private clients, Saket designs some deceptively simple jewels with very talented craftsmanship, sourcing her high-quality gemstones from the best suppliers in Turkey. Always looking for superior materials that compliment her new ideas.

My favorite piece is the Dancing Dervishes, they are light, sparkly and playful

To her, wearing jewelry is the ultimate form of self-expression; it’s a personal portrayal of the one-self through an ornament.  Investing in jewelry is meaningful, its sentimental and symbolic as such Saket sees the future of Jo Ellery in a boutique that engages with the modern woman.  She envisions her retail space as a place where she showcases her work as her clients casually gather to engage with her, with each other, and her pieces. Through Jo Ellery, Saket pays homage to confident women with strong sense of self and style looking for everyday treasures that are easily found in her collections.  Most of her clientele are independent businesswomen who buy jewelry for themselves, her designs accommodate their busy lifestyles.  Her collections are versatile, wearable, and tasteful allowing for the pieces to be easily worn from day to night commanding subtle attention.

Jo Ellery can be found in Saket’s showroom Amman-Jordan or via her Instagram page worldwide shipping is available.