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Your Extreme Positivity Can Be Actually Toxic

Have you ever experienced a really bad situation and been showered with positive phrases such as “stay positive”, “look at the bright side”, “positive energy”… So you started to act strong as nothing happened dismissing all your negative feelings? I\’ve been there and I am sure most of you have been there too.

Extreme positivity can actually make you feel worse. Yep, you heard it right. Toxic positivity is a thing and it is basically the continuous pressure of having positive thinking no matter how bad the situation is. Just writing this made me feel bad. The idea of not allowing your emotions to flow freely is really stressful. And no, I don\’t mean that you should not try to look at the bright side of any situation, as this may actually be helpful for you. Just don’t overdo both the negative and positive feelings.

Here Are Some Signs You’re A Victim Of Toxic Positivity:

1 || Running away from your problems rather than facing them.

2 || Feeling guilty for having bad emotions, so you try to dismiss them.

3 || Hiding your sadness behind “good vibes” quotes that sound more approved by society.

4 || Judging people or judged by others for being sad or not having a positive attitude.

5 || Feeling weak if you couldn’t adopt an optimistic outlook.

How To Deal With Toxic Positivity?

1 || Don’t deny your negative emotions. Having negative emotions is the natural response to bad situations. You can definitely manage them, but don’t dismiss them. They are your way to release bad energy, change your perspective, and feel positive again.

2 || Be genuine in how you feel. The more you try to suppress your feelings the more stressed you will get. So it is healthier to allow your feelings space to exist, process them, and allow them to move through you.

3 || Feeling down doesn’t mean that you are not hopeful. You can be nervous and hopeful that everything will get better at the end.

4 || Listen to others and validate their emotions. When your child, friend or spouse shares a negative experience with you, don’t shut them down with toxic attitude. Let them know that it is normal to feel what they are feeling and that you are there for them.