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Has Generation Zed been incorrectly stereotyped?

Why does the world constantly oppose the youth? Yes, when the main topic of the show revolves around the future, Generation Zed is casted the main role yet, that doesn’t demise the viewer’s tentativeness.

Typically, an adjective one would use to describe generation zed would root back to the connotations of the words, lazy, beyond their age, and most importantly spoiled. Seldom, does anyone ever affiliate the demographic with empowering, influential, or even incandescent. However, in retrospect of the last few weeks if not the entire year generation zed proved to be having a powerful impact advocating against political and social injustices worldwide.

In case you aren’t familiar with the terms, the term “GenZ” is casted to individuals born between the years of 1997 and 2015. GenZ, the successor of the millennials and the preceding of the Alpha generation is unique demographic that is similar yet different in numerous ways. Considering that the pinnacle of globalization and modernization eclipsed of the new generation. Unlike others, GenZ has its vigour rooted in both diversity and technology. Unfortunately, the market mix GenZ was brought was not necessarily the best.


Despite the privileges that were brought on alongside the 21st century, Generation zed has yet experienced an abrupt affair. Similar to the millennials’ experience with the financial recession, GenZ had an unlucky encounter with the coronavirus breakout and its sinister side effects. Assuming the boredom of being at home unravelled a myriad of social and political injustices worldwide, it was also an eye opener to most.

Aside the ditzy antics spread across social media, Generation X was able to use that platform wisely to provide a sustainable outcome. Throughout the past few years, the sinister traits to human beings have been permeating the screen of every device, causing GenZ to clamour about and defend their definition of right.

Unlike past generations, the youth has been at the forefront of activism. Activities have raged from Gretta Thunberg on climate change to Anya Dillard on Black Lives Matter. The youth has proven to take power and show the world the potential within them. From virtual movements to physical protests the youth has ceased every opportunity possible to prove that GenZ is not all about fun and games but can actually use the privilege they own to make a difference.

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Instagram blackouts, Tiktok spams, and most importantly wide protests. It didn’t take GenZ long to prove that black lives do matter with blackout Tuesday reigning every headline, alike how it didn’t take them long to change the medias perception of the Palestinian- Israeli “conflict”. With the mass social media activism advocating for the lives of innocent Palestinians, in didn’t take long for international media outlets to alter their outlook and shift their attention to the reality of the scene. Likewise, there was a palpable difference in Germany’s stance on climate change after the protests of Fridays for Future took place, inspired by Gretta Thunbergs goals and confidence.

The GenZ generation might seem like a generation to forget. But in reality, it is the only generation that refuses to be silenced when it comes human rights and humanity. This generation stands up for every social cause and is living proof of the phrase, “every voice makes a difference”. This unique generation has proved that their voices can make a difference. From the twelve year old constantly spamming his story to the twenty one year old that hasn’t missed a single day of protesting,  they have all proved that simple gestures including posting on social media does have a difference. No matter how much you think the world chooses to ignore a cause close to you your heart it is still worth speaking of it out loud. You may be able to change their perception of the topic and save lives. Keeping quite may contribute to the loss of lives and so, it is pivotal to experiment to conclude whether or not speaking out can make a difference.