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The 21st Century’s Biggest Beauty Secret || Self-Love

 Image Courtesy Of Isable Hernaez

Ever wondered what makes someone stand out? What makes them light a room inside out by simply entering one? Why is it that some glow regardless of their mood while others don’t? The average answer may range from an individual’s skincare routine to the nutrients they fuel their body with. But, in fact, the response is much simpler, what makes an individual noticeable is the mindset they choose to be guided by, the words they feed themselves, and the emotions that diffuse their body.

Any normal human being can stand out. It is a clear reflection of the mindset an individual chooses to be guided by. Take the example of Spanish influencer and public relations officer Isa Hernez . She is a normal individual that yet manages to stand out. Through the clear mindset she is guided by, Isabel has become a prominent example of the success fuelling yourself with love and kindness can achieve. Although the phrase love yourself may be simple, the process is denser and more complex than thought of.

The assertion that this past year has been one of a kind is no exaggeration. The ups and downs have fumed us all with anger, sparked anxiety, and cultivated worry. It was not an easy one, and it still isn’t. We’ve all seen the sporadic changes abrupt from the blues, but what made this era even more unexpected was the fact that people did emerge from within, individuals did not just survive this uncertain period, they strived.


With the limited resources people have during isolation you may think it may be impossible to emerge from within yourself. But everything you need is already there. If anything, the period that has passed with an influx of worry and uncertainty proved to us that the only element needed in the formula of survival is ourselves. Our positive selves.

When all we do is talk back ourselves with anger and frustration, feed our soul insults instead of compliments. We sabotage ourselves from improving. Our is soul is tormented from the backlash of comments we flourish our ego with. When you allow your own self to think of you lightly, how do you expect people around you to view you? Your physical appearance mirrors your own thoughts and beliefs, and when you are convinced of the worst, the energy you reflect is not going to be any different.

Study from arvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health found that optimism does in fact contribute to a longer lifeline. Thinking of yourself highly does create a scenery of positivity and brightness. By now, most of you have probably heard of the manifesting trend incrementally growing day by day. With the rise of this trend, there came a backdrop of a theory known as Auras and vibrational energy. The theory basically refers to a magnetic energy field circling around our bodies. The energy is a product of your mindset, health, and interaction. The theory narrates that the thicker the layer is, the more powerful your aura is. Your aura may be positive or negative and therefore it attracts individuals and events following those categories.

Image Courtesy Of Sara Baceiredo

Although it may be the first time you have heard of this trend, it is not the first-time manifesting has dominated lifestyle crazes. The law of attraction is an ancient principle constantly lived by. The archaic theory initiated in the 19th centaury by philosophers such as ralph Waldo Emerson who promised that positive thinking and truly believing you deserve a certain outcome is key to reach a certain desire. To attract the best for you, the best opportunities, the best people, the best lifestyle you must convince yourself that you are worth it. You must talk to yourself nicely, and give you want you deserve. If you aren’t convinced of the magic that lies within you, the community around you isn’t going to be persuaded either. To glow effortlessly, you must hold back your weaknesses and recognize your strengths instead. Nobody is perfect at the end of the day, but what allows one to stand out is the image they see themselves in.