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Temperature-Based Treatments

These Temperature-Based Treatments Will Change Your Life

Have you ever got stuck in a snowstorm or stood in the sun without shade? If you’ve ever faced such cases, you know the huge effect of temperature on our bodies. at the same token, with no extremes, exposing the body to certain degrees can help heal certain conditions and up your health game. Here is your guide to some temperature treatments that you may want to try. 

Hot treatments 

You know how they tell you to take a hot shower to relax? Other than encouraging sleep and relaxation, heat has many good benefits for your body from improving circulation, reducing pain, and boosting metabolism to eliminating toxins. All these benefits lead to glowing skin, which explains the great-looking skin you get after a long spa day. 

1 || Sauna

You already know how relaxing it is to sit in a sauna for some time every now and then. The benefits do not stop here, sauna is considered a great method to detox the body, increase heart rate, relieve pain, and improve blood flow and circulation which results in glowy skin. It also has mental health benefits as it helps return the body to the (rest and digest) state. Please note that if you have any pigmentary conditions, particularly melasma then sitting in the sauna may make things worse.

2 || Hot Stone Massage

As the name suggests, the hot stone massage is done by placing several heated stones along the body to relieve pain, help you relax, and/or treat some conditions. Putting hot stones with a temperature of 125 to 135 degrees Fahrenheit on the body can help ease muscle tension, relieve stress, reduce body aches, stimulate circulation and aid in better sleep. 

3 || Hot Springs

If you are familiar with the thermal pools found in the spas, these hot springs are similar but they are the mother nature version. The water in these hot springs features a variety of minerals such as calcium and magnesium and is born from geothermal heat. The heat of the water helps open your pores throughout the body allowing the nutrients and minerals to get in your body easily and deeply. 

Cold treatments

Reduce inflammation and puffiness, up your energy levels, boost metabolism, promote lymphatic drainage, and temporarily firm the appearance of the skin these are a few benefits of chilly temperatures on our bodies. 

1 || Cryotherapy

Cryotherapy is basically a technique that involves exposing the body to temperatures as low as 200 degrees below freezing for several minutes to incite vasoconstriction. The benefits include reducing inflammation, relieving pain, boosting energy and blood circulation, and stimulating collagen production. Some believe that the treatment can even aid with weight loss given that some patients burned 800 calories in only one session. 

There are some cryo facials that help reduce spots and pigmentation. 

2 || Cold Plunges

While it is not new, this wellness experience is trending among celebrities nowadays. The technique involves immersing your body in ice-cold water or having it fall over you. The result is increased circulation and metabolism and reduced inflammation. The water temperature should be between 45 and 55 degrees Fahrenheit and don’t panic, you don’t have to tolerate it for an hour to reap the benefits, 2-3 minutes will do the job. 

3 || CoolSculpting

We have talked about this treatment before. Basically, it is a technology that uses low temperatures (between -3 and -5) to put your body to what is known as programmed cell death to as a result eliminate body fat. These cells will be gone permanently. Just make sure to consult your trusted doctor on whether you are a candidate or not.