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Time To Assess Your 2021 Resolution List || 7 Tips To Keep You On Track

New years deliver new beginnings, along with a freshly established sense of hope and achievement, which explains why numerous people undergo a major shift in the way they address things. However, it all narrows down to the art of mastering new habits at the end of the day. Whether and how to incorporate certain habits into our routine that we know would make us feel better or were necessary for our overall health, is challenging indeed. How can one make those resolutions part of life? Rather than just a temporary focus for a couple of days or a few weeks?

Turning resolutions into lifelong habits is key to success. Below, we offer you 9 tips that will help manifest your resolution list into everyday life!

1 || You’re The Subject

Think of each and every month as an experiment in yourself, giving you the opportunity to explore how to be your best self every day going forward. You are the subject of each experiment and it’s in your hands and will to make it happen..

2 || Keep Visual Track

Use a wall calendar to track your habits: Your visual progress will motivate you to maintain and keep going. For example, if you choose to keep a big, old-school paper wall calendar in the most visible place in your house, and write down the number of gym sessions you have each week, the days you meditate, or the amount of fruit servings you should be eating, you will quickly add up. The fear of leaving a blank space will encourage you to keep moving towards your goals!

3 || Do It First Thing

Multiple studies show people who exercise, meditate, or conquer a similar health feat first thing in the morning are more likely to stick with the habit and do it more frequently than those who work out or meditate in the afternoon or evening. Get up, get your deeds over with and sail throughout the rest of the day feeling content, strong and in control!

4 || Set Your Alarm Earlier

Getting up 30 to 45 minutes earlier than usual will make all the difference! Consider it a free gift that will help you start your day with positive, focused energy.. Lots of research shows early risers are more proactive, productive, consistent, successful, and even happier than those who try to tackle tasks at night.

5 || Set Low Expectations 

A major mistake people tend to do upon planning their new resolutions is setting high expectations. Remember, it’s easier ‘written’ than done! Setting low expectations when you’re time-crunched or unmotivated is one of the easiest and most effective ways to get moving and stay moving. Tell yourself just one pushup, 50 steps, or five minutes of cardio, it’s better than doing nothing. In fact, this approach can help turn around your mind and mood, spurring you to work out longer.

6 || Consider/ Plan Your Options

When it comes to dieting resolutions, you must focus on finding amazing alternatives any time you cut or reduce a food.

Stop obsessing on what you are missing. If you love meat, try smoked salmon with light cream cheese instead and chances are you will stop thinking of meat ever again!

7 || Minimize Screen Time

Enjoy phone-free time on a daily basis, even if it\’s just a few minutes. For example, make it a point that whenever you’re behind the wheel your phone remains silent in your purse.. It’s guaranteed this break will give you precious moments of mental and emotional clarity.. Which will eventually minimize the intensity of your pace and get you closer to what really matters to you most!