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Mental Health

Best Instagram Accounts to Follow for Mental Health Support

As much as it is an entertaining platform, Instagram and other social media platforms can be a place to spread awareness about many human issues. And the number one issue that is topping our priorities list lately is “mental health”. No surprises, with all that we are going through in the world. Yes, it isn’t an alternative for in-place psychological sessions but it offers the global community tools to self-help, access to free support, mindful reminders, and help create awareness for anyone looking to develop personally. Here are the best mental-health accounts to follow on Instagram. 

Real Depression Project

Mental Health

The Brain Coach

Mental Hub

Mental Health

Micheline Maalouf

Dlc Anxiety

Sit With Sharon

The Holistic Psychologist

The Secure Relationship

Mind Body Green

Mental Health

Lets Talk Mental Health

Mental Health

Well N Strong

Mental Health

Dr. Saliha Afridi

Mind Matter Swithdiv