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Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston’s Go-To Workout for Building Strength in Her 50s

For the longest time, Jennifer Aniston has remained one of the celebrities whom we look up to and take notes from. She has served as an inspiration for many in terms of skincare, haircare, and fitness. And it’s not without reason; Aniston has successfully maintained excellent skin, hair, and body to this day.

Despite being just like any of us, Aniston has faced the effects of aging. However, it is her approach to dealing with it that captivates our attention. Throughout her life, Jennifer has embraced various workouts, but always with the same mindset. However, it appears that the star has decided it’s time for a change.

“I lived and I learned,” she says. “Working out the way I used to is just not sustainable for my body—and I don’t think for most bodies—because eventually, it will just break down.”

This is where Pvolve comes into play—a low-impact workout that utilizes specialized resistance equipment and expert-designed micro-movements. Pvolve targets the often underused and smaller muscles in our bodies, enhancing strength, stability, balance, and overall ease of movement in our daily lives. In essence, it is a focused form of “functional fitness,” which aims to prepare individuals for real-life movements and scenarios.

​At 54, Aniston has a new appreciation for this type of movement. 

“Balance is one thing we need, especially when we’re older; our core is extremely important; our bones get brittle, so we have to keep our bone health strong,” she says. “Pvolve addresses all of those little micro muscles that are ignored most of the time when you’re doing these big, exhausting runs or going to spin classes or doing CrossFit or whatever the fad is. These are all great methods, but…eventually, over time, the body and the joints can only take so much. And Pvolve is about keeping our bodies moving so that we’re thriving, not crumbling and shrinking.”

Her fitness motto was: no pain, no gain, but now she believes that this wasn’t correct. 

“I used to get up God knows how many hours before work to get an hour of cardio in—I thought it had to hurt or that we were supposed to feel like we were going to pass out, but that’s incorrect messaging, but as technology and science evolve, physical fitness is evolving,” she says.

Since starting Pvolve, Aniston has experienced unparalleled satisfaction with the results. The remarkable transformations she has witnessed, including a reduction in fat and an increase in muscle, are truly incredible.

“I have incredible results, if not better than anything I’ve ever done before without the aches and injuries. I’ve had knee injuries, and going up and down stairs has always been tricky for me, and I’ve noticed definition in parts of my body that I hadn’t really ever seen before, especially in my abs and legs,” she says. “I don’t weigh myself, but when I go to the doctor for my physical, my body fat is lower than it’s ever been and I weigh more than I’ve ever weighed, so it just goes to show you that you really are working out layers and layers of muscles that have been ignored forever.”

Considering the numerous positive outcomes, Aniston perceives the program as a worthwhile investment, one that will entice you to return to it repeatedly. 

“It’s not intimidating, and I do not dread it—I look forward to it,” says Aniston. “It’s so good and kind to the body.”