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Metal Wate

Signs Metal Water Is Wreaking Havoc On Your Skin & Hair

Water is a major part of our beauty routines. We use it to wash our faces, bodies, and hair. So the thought that it could contribute to damage is kinda scary. Our concern isn’t the harmless metals found in water, but it is more about the high concentrations of heavy metals such as lead, calcium, copper, zinc, and iron that can be detrimental to our overall health.

The effect of these metals can differ from one skin type to another. For some people, it can alter the skin surface and oil composition. It can also interact with different cleansers and soaps on our skin which can double the damage. Here are the signs metal water is affecting your skin and hair.


1 || Fine Lines, Crows Feet and Jowls

Metals in water can leave you with more fine lines because they oxidize and therefore create more free radicals which are likely to attack the collagen fibers in the skin.

2 || Acne

Yes, metal in your water is one of acne causes. When the metals interact with the oils on the skin, it converts them into a waxy substance, resulting in clogged pores. These clogged pores can cause acne, redness, or irritation.

3 || Dry Skin

Clogged pores can also result in blocking oil production which can cause your skin to dry. If you notice that your skin became itchy and red after showering it is because it’s being stripped by calcium and other metals that make water hard.

4 || Redness and Irritation

Heavy metals can cause an elevation in free radicals, which in turn can disrupt your skin barrier and result in inflammation.


1 || A Shift in Hair Color

If you notice a green or brassy tint, it can be an indicator that metal is damaging your hair. Certain metals in water such as copper and iron will not only dull hair color but will also create an orange or brassy hue. if you have blonde hair you may notice a green or gray tint.

2 || Brittle Hair

Heavy metals could be to blame if you observe a dullness or absence of shine.

3 || Your Hair Feels Dirty Even After Washing

If your hair never feels fully clean and you feel the need to shampoo every day you may want to consider filtering your water. Heavy metals build up in the scalp, clogging the pores and preventing your hair from getting the best of the products you’re using. Sometimes your hair will end up even drier regardless of hydration product use.

The Solution

To protect both your skin and hair you need to use filtered water. You can try a shower head, same with your bathroom sink, that filters hard water. Also, it is recommended to increase the usage of hydrating cleansers, incorporate more moisturizers, and wash your face more quickly.