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These Houseplants Are Great Not Only For Your Space But Also For Your Mental Health

From an interior design perspective; a plant can be a great option for accessorizing and livening up your house. From an energy and psychological perspective; a plant can do much more. In addition to the life they give to your space, some plants are amazing stress fighters. 

I don’t know about you, but personally, I feel a strong connection to my plants and I love taking care of them. Little did I know that the dirt I get on my hands each time I give my plants a TLC is giving this TLC back to my mental health. Turned out that soil has what is called “Mycobacterium vaccae” which is a ‘friendly’ bacteria activates a group of neurons that produce the brain’s chemical serotonin. A lot of times we feel stressed and depressed due to an imbalance in our immune system, what this bacteria does is that it reduces inflammation and stress by releasing anti-inflammatory fatty acid once it gets inside the immune cell. Here is where “Earthing or grounding” comes to mind… If you feel low for any reason, walking barefoot in your garden might help boost your mood. 

But if you don’t have time or you don’t like to get into the dirt, you still can own some houseplants that are said to be great mood boosters. As we tend to prioritize our mental health at this time of the year these plants might help. Here is what each plant is trying to remind you. 

1 || Aloe Vera: Break Toxic Ties

A lot of benefits and is easy to care for. Sounds perfect for the lazy ones. In addition to the great benefits of the leaves that you can cut to treat wounds and calm your skin, Aloe vera is also a powerful plant that can purify the air around you by detoxing it of harmful chemicals. During the repotting process, you may need to trim any dead pieces that are no longer contributing to the plant’s growth. This serves as a great reminder for your own growth… In some stages of life, you may need to let go of things and\or people who may be stopping you from thriving.

Caring For Aloe Vera:

To get the best of this plant, place it in the kitchen or bathroom where most household chemicals are. Aloe Vera is known to grow really large, so you might want to replant it in a bigger pot after a while. 

Water it weekly and put it under sunlight. No direct sunlight? no problem, Your Aloe Vera will grow healthy under indirect sunlight when placed on a window sill.

2 || Lavender: Chill & Stay Calm 


The Lavender plant looks calm and smells delightful. If you are someone who forgets to take some time for herself, this plant is for you. Lavender helps in decreasing anxiety and providing a calm atmosphere. 

Whenever you feel overwhelmed and need to relax and calm yourself down, close your eyes and take some deep breaths inhaling the relaxing scent. 

Caring For Lavender:

Lavender helps you get a good night’s sleep so it makes a lot of sense to put it in your bedroom for it to be the last thing you smell and see before you sleep. You need to put it in a bright area and water it when the soil is dry. Don’t water so much as this will shorten the plant’s life span. During the spring months, you might want to place your lavender outside to get fresh sun rays and this is a great chance for you to get your dose of vitamin D as well. 

3 || Peace Lilies: Stay Positive


Another gorgeous natural air purifier. Peace lilies improves the flow of energy in the home as it neutralizes harmful indoor chemicals. This plant symbolizes strength, peace, tranquility, prosperity, purification, and solitude. This powerful symbolism reminds you to stay positive and maintain balance in your life. 

Caring For Peace Lilies:

Put this plant in your bedroom or work office to help balance all the energies in the space. 

This gentle plant needs water once a week and indirect sunlight. 

4 || Snake Plant: Survive & Thrive During Hard Times


This easy-going plant requires very little attention to grow and thrive. What is super unique about it is that it can convert carbon dioxide into oxygen at night. So if you live in an area with no airflow, some snake plants can help sanitize the oxygen in your space.

This plant reminds you to keep growing and survive even in the hardest situations. 

Caring For Snake Plant:

Place it in your bedroom to benefit from the clean air it provides. The good thing about it is that even if it is neglected for a few weeks it will still provide you with clean air as it grows resiliently.

Water it every couple of weeks. 

5 || Eucalyptus: Stay Present


This one is known for its pleasant aroma and for its ability to treat colds, congestion, and asthma. Taking a few moments to inhale its powerful aroma will bring you back to the present moment and remind you to appreciate it. After all, all we have is NOW. 

Caring For Eucalyptus:

This one is great for a bath bouquet. Place it around your shower and enjoy its relaxing and refreshing fragrance while showering. 

Water regularly and put under full sunlight. 

6 || Rosemary: Stay Alert


The scent of this plant is great for waking you up and reducing anxiety and stress. Take a few breaths inhaling its scent to stay alert and energetic. 

Caring For Rosemary: 

Place in your kitchen under a lot of light. Water when soil is dry.

7 || Jasmine: Have A Quality Sleep


This delicate plant is powerful for calming your nerves and giving you a good night’s sleep. Its smell reminds you to relax and get a quality time rest. 

Caring For Jasmine: 

Your bedroom is a great place for your jasmine plant as it helps you relax and sleep well. 

Place in a partly sunny spot and water once a week when soil is dry.