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Internal Shower

Should You Try The Viral “Internal Shower” Trend?

TikTok has become a go-to destination for quick fixes and trending hacks with millions of views. But does that mean that everything is effective or safe? The latest trend taking over our TikTok feed is the “internal shower” detoxing drink. 

Water, two tablespoons of chia seeds, and lemon are the ingredients of the magical drink that promises to relieve constipation. And while millions of people are trying the trend what do nutritionists say about it? Well, according to nutritionists, it is a good trend to try but with cautiousness. 

It contains water which serves as the body’s waste-removal medium. It makes stool softer, which can prevent constipation. Water also helps break down food so your body can absorb nutrients efficiently. Lemon increases both gastric secretions and emptying rate and helps your body break down and digest foods more efficiently. Chia seeds are packed with soluble and insoluble fiber. Fiber makes bowel movements soft and easy to pass. The two tablespoons of chia seeds equate to approximately 10 grams of fiber. This is about 40 percent of the daily recommended intake for women and 25 percent of the daily recommended intake for men. 

The Bottom Line…

While this drink can be beneficial from time to time, it is not recommended for daily consumption because ingesting a large number of chia seeds at once can have the opposite impact of what’s intended and lead to uncomfortable bloating and worsen constipation. So if your diet isn’t already rich in fiber, it is recommended to go easy on yourself at first. Start with one to two teaspoons of chia seeds in a full glass of water. Then if your stomach is not bothered, you can increase the dose gradually. And there are many tastier and safer ways to include chia seeds into your diet like adding them to your yogurt, toast, or chia seed pudding. 

After all that said, this approach is considered a short-term solution for better gut health. If you are looking for a longer-term solution, nutritionists suggest a high-quality probiotic supplement.