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Is Healthy “Coca-Cola” a Good Swap To Your Regular One?

When we think of a trending healthy drink, things like green juices or matcha teas come to mind, but will you ever think of coca-cola? We don’t think so. But it seems like TikTok is bringing a lot of unfamiliar things to the table recently. The latest trend that has caught everyone’s attention is the healthy coca-cola. No not the regular coke. According to TikTok, the healthy coca-cola involves cheap seltzer and a pantry staple—balsamic vinegar. With some ice, TikTokers claim that this “healthy” drink tastes like a glass of Coca-Cola. 

Although the drink looks like coke we are skeptical about the tase ( it is vinegar after all) and how healthy it is. According to nutritionists, vinegar is known for its ability to lower blood sugar, reduce cravings, lower cholesterol, act as an antioxidant and aid digestion, and even improve longevity. 

However, the fact that balsamic vinegar is a bit higher in sugar than something like apple cider vinegar, it is better to use it in dressings rather than beverages. Talking about seltzer, it’s a good “low-sugar carbonated beverage alternative, but it might not be a good option for some people who may experience bloating, gas, or reflux symptoms from the carbonation in seltzer water.

Is It a Good Swap To Your Regular Coke? 

Well, when we look for alternatives to our unhealthy food options, the question we ask ourselves is: “Does it feel as good, or is it gonna satisfy me the same way?” There’s nothing particularly nutritious or health-promoting about this drink. So if it doesn’t satisfy you the same way soda does, you should skip it because you’re likely to return to your regular soda habit in no time. Otherwise, it might be a good choice. 

What Are Other Alternatives? 

Well, flavored seltzer can help you cut back on sugar. A great way that may help you kick your Coca-Cola habit is adding 1/2 seltzer water to your soda, then gradually increasing the amount. Another way to keep water your go-to hydration drink is to add a splash of juice, muddled fruit or flavor drops to your sparkling water instead of vinegar. Adding fruit ice cubes to your sparkling water is another refreshing option to consider.