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What does “healthy” mean to you?

The term “healthy” carries different connotations depending on who you ask. The conventional definition of a healthy person is based on their general well-being and generic screening tests. Those, that include blood work, blood pressure, insulin levels and BMI indexes.  If the results of the tests fall within the “normal range” then the individual is deemed as healthy.  Nonetheless, that doesn’t mean there is an absence of disease, nor does not mean that their health status is optimal for their overall health, physical performance, and longevity. 

With people becoming wellness gurus and taking health matters into their own hands there is a new approach to healthy living that requires a more encompassing definition.  It combines the conventional medical approach with deeper more holistic considerations of health prioritizing the notion of optimal health. Broadening the definition of what “being healthy” means. 

For instance, medicines’ conventional way of dealing with an individual’s high blood pressure, is to prescribe beta-blockers to manage the symptoms. The blood pressure is brought down to their normal range parameters and patients often remain on them indefinitely.  This approach is addressing the symptoms of high blood pressure rather than the underlying cause.  Individuals who seek optimal health pursue a deeper investigation into the causes of their blood pressure malaise.  Considering lifestyles changes, nutritional adjustments, and other reasons such as possible vitamin or mineral deficiencies, in their quest to manage their symptoms.

Why be “normal” when you can be “optimal?”

The WHO (World Health Organization) defines; optimal health is a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.

Seekers of optimal health look for a highly individualized approach to health, whereby one’s health and generic parameters are at their optimum levels given one’s age and lifestyle. An all-inclusive approach to health that is designed to increase health-spans, reverse biological aging, and increase lifespan.  

There are many ways to achieve optimal health, like consulting with a functional nutritionist, finding ways to encourage exercise, sleep and embracing positive ways to impact, mental health, immunity, and overall energy.

One of the ways to adopt an optimal lifestyle is through Rawhi’s Wellness Centre. Led by Dr. Senan Kilani, the Centre offers bespoke personalized well-being support protocols for individuals to reach an optimal state of health through thorough consultations and examination.  According to Dr. Kilani the vision of the Center is to provide “educational personal health management reference” for individuals and the community at large.  

With a philosophy engrained in health optimization Dr. Kilani and his team take a modern-day approach to health management by addressing the root cause of the ailment not only the symptoms.  Their approach is NOT to address and treat an illness as it manifests within the body, but to target the root cause of the disease and improve the individual’s long-term health. 

In a candid Q&A with Dr. Kilani CIIN magazine became more familiar with the Rawhi Wellness process and procedures.

CM: Dr. Kilani in your opinion what is “health optimization?”

Dr. Kilani: In simple terms it is the modern approach to health management that focuses on treating symptoms regardless of lab results. Normal blood tests results do not indicate that you are at your optimal health. Any individual can achieve “normal range” results when their symptoms are treated.  But optimum results are achieved when an individual’s lab results are at optimum levels with regard to their general health, age, and lifestyle.  Striving for optimum health is based on a personalized approach rather than generic one. I often quote Neal Rouzier, MD, a pioneer in the field of bio-identical hormones replacement, he believes that the definition of normal labs’ is “when your lab values are as crappy as everyone else.”

CM: Who are good candidates for the program?

Dr. Kilani: Any adult who wants to actively check on his or her health or have any symptoms that make them feel uncomfortable is a candidate. It is not age related. It is linked to self-awareness, symptoms, and the desire to develop a personal health management routine.  One must always weigh the risks versus benefits.  Candidates must be committed and adopt a willing mindset to manage their over all health. 

CM: How does the Rawhi Wellness program work?

Dr. Kilani: The individual in the program undergoes a detailed analytical 11-step process.  It considers demographics (age, gender), genetics, lab results and lifestyle choices.  This practice allows for a deep understanding of the patient’s needs and ailments.  Based on such an extensive understanding the team develops a personalized health plan with regular monitoring and follow-up sessions.  

The specialized programs include personalized bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, oxygen therapy and nutrition.  IV therapy, that also helps in boosting the immune system, hydration, reduce inflammation and increase energy level.  All the specialized programs are catered to deliver a comprehensive approach to achieving optimal health.  

CM: One of the specialized treatments is bioidentical hormone replacement therapy.  Is hormone therapy safe?

Dr. Kilani:  Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) is often pursued by women who experience the symptoms caused by menopause that include, night sweats, insomnia, mood changes, and headaches among other conditions.   BHRT helps reduce these symptoms.  However, I must admit that there is nothing risk free in life. But hormones aren’t dangerous. Any supplement, medication, or hormone that is given under the “5 RIGHTS” of the medical administration will have benefits that outweigh the risks; right patient,  right medication, right route, right dose and right time. Pause for a second and think about all the aliments and diseases that affect us as we get older in age as a result of hormones depletion. Bioidentical hormone therapy minimizes it, helps the ageing process and increases longevity.

CM: What factors should one consider before starting hormone replacement therapy?

Dr. Kilani:  Before committing to any health-related regime, one must consider personal as well as family medical history.  Through our screening process every individual goes through a very detailed and intricate health check factor to choose the right individualized protocol for everyone. The most important factor however, is one’s mindset. Whoever wants to join the program must understand it is a commitment to stay independent through life by managing their health, always remembering that we can age without getting old.

Healthcare is moving toward incorporating holistic self-management programs, that incorporate, physical, emotional, and social aspects of wellbeing. Founded in the notion of optimal health cultivating a mindset that is embodied by individuals who are keen to reach their optimum state of well-being.