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We love partnering up with brands that share our same vision and ethos. Together we can capitalize on our common target audience, and bring to the table innovative and exciting projects and activations that increase visibility, and improve our understanding of our audience preferences and views. Whether it’s our next trunkshow, or pop-up we are clear on what appeals and what doesn’t to our audience based on our knowledge and experiences in the past 8 years. We are always on the lookout for the next new exciting concept that could make a good fit for us, with the confidence and understanding that our niche is tight, and our impact is strong and that is how we like it.


We know a thing or two about what is attractive to our audience, and it is this knowledge that has attracted our advertising customers over the years. Our target audience is clear, and the ideal form of communication for each advertising client varies, providing everyone with a customized approach to their goals and business needs. Covering a number of categories such as women’s fashion, accessories, beauty and lifestyle, our advertising partners are always provided an editorial approach to advertising which includes a number of factors such as connection, relatability and current trends, which we hope will ensure a successful outcome to their individual vision.

Book Customization

At the end of the day we at CIIN are writers; and conveying thoughts, concepts and feels is what we do best. Our book customization project allows our clients memories to be documented into beautifully bound works of art to be passed down from one generation to the next. A truly unique gift option, our customized books are a joint labor of love, working closely with the client to ensure the process is as accurate a reflection of the person as possible.

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