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Fashion Tips That Come In Handy In Really Hot Days

When temperatures rise, you feel inclined to walk around wearing nothing but a swimsuit or bikini. Yea we feel you, but that doesn’t make sense unless you are spending the whole summer at the beach. To make going out and running errands easier on these very hot days, we’ve got you some tips that might actually be useful. 

1 || The Fabrics 

Keeping cool in the summer months depends so much on what fabrics you are wearing. Go for breathable, lightweight fabrics like linen, cotton, and jersey. And keep away from synthetic options like nylon and polyester as they tend to trap heat. 

2 || The Silhouettes

One rule: Keep it Breezy. Steer away from anything form-fitting or clingy as they will make you hotter. Floaty dresses and voluminous skirts are your best options during the hot months. 

3 || Steam Your Clothes The Night Before

The idea of steaming your clothes on a hot day, in a hot house, and then putting these hot fabrics on your body is just a nightmare. Sometimes such a situation makes you cancel any plans you had. So make sure to steam your clothes the night before. 

4 || Anti-Chafe Shorts Are A Good Idea

Investing in anti-chafe shorts to wear under dresses and skirts to avoid thigh chafing makes a huge difference in your fashion game during summer. If you are concerned about adding yet another layer of fabric, an anti-friction stick is a smart alternative.  

5 || Choose Colors Carefully

Yea, sweating on hot days is very natural. But sweat stains are not so attractive and if there are ways to mask them, then why not? Choose colors smartly. There are certain colors that are far more forgiving than others like black, navy, and white.

6 || No Jeans Shorts

Yeah, they look cool and everything, but they are a no-no in really hot weather. Just the idea of the tight waistband and thick fabric makes me feel like wrapping a heat blanket around my legs. Loose-fitting shorts in cotton are a much better option.

7 || The Underwear

What you are wearing down under really matters in hot weather. Go for Briefs that are made from cotton to help absorb moisture and heat. And of course, avoid synthetic fabrics in that area.