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Your Ultimate Guide To Print Mixing

Have you ever seen a blogger on IG wearing a super cool printed dress under a patterned jacket and said to yourself: “I wish I can pull this off”?. You are not alone… If you are someone who loves minimal looks and prefers solids, then I understand how difficult and uncomfortable it might be for you to wear a printed outfit.

However, we always want to try new things and add some refreshing touches to our go-to pieces. Mixing prints and patterns is a great way to do so. And you know what? You can do it easily by following some simple styling tips and tricks. Here you go.

1 || Show Just A Hint Of It

If you are new to patterns, the best way to start incorporating them into your wardrobe is by wearing one print or pattern at a time. That said, start by wearing your printed shirt for example under your neutral jacket. This way you will be hiding a huge part of the print and showing just a tiny part of it, so it is not that overwhelming. After you feel comfortable doing this, you can start taking off your jacket to show off the print.

2 || Start With A Subtle Piece

If a patterned top or dress feels too overwhelming, start with a patterned scarf, shoes, belt, or a bag. This will add an interesting touch to your outfit without looking making you feel uncomfortable.

3 || Pay Close Attention To Colors

Paying close attention to colors is so important when it comes to pattern mixing. The rule of thumb is to mix a monochrome pattern like blue and white polka-dot with a multicolor pattern that features the color from the monochrome like a blue floral print. Or if you choose something vibrant, make sure to balance it out with something darker.

4 || Determine Your Anchor Piece

Pick a pattern that you want to focus on in your outfit and start from there. Let\’s say you want to focus on your floral skirt, think of it like the main attraction and keep all other prints smaller in size. Another example is to start with a classic pattern like polka-dot, stripes or florals and top it with a more exciting one like geometric print. Here the simple print will act as a neutral.

5 || Consider Different Sizes

This trick will help you so much in mastering the art of pattern mixing. Consider mixing small-scale pattern with large-scale one so the small one can work as a neutral piece. Try pairing your tiny floral printed skirt with a your large-scale plaid shirt.

6 || Go Bold

If you want a more powerful look then try mixing two patterns that have nothing in common like plaid and animal print. Balance the look with a neutral item like a white blazer or a denim jacket.