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Ramadan Looks

Ramadan Modest Outfits That Are Not Abaya

Thankfully, when it comes to Ramadan looks, things are not complicated anymore. With international and regional designers offering us exclusive pieces and culturally-inspired designs perfect for any iftar celebration. For many, the abaya is the way to go during the holy month. And we love the free and spiritual feel it gives. But sometimes you just need an update… Something that still goes well with Ramadan vibes but not your abaya. 

1 || Modest Gowns

A modest gown will give you almost the same feel as your abaya. Choose a modest one and maybe add a belt to balance your proportions and highlight your features. Solid with neutral or bold color, with prints, or a gown with puffy sleeves or an unexpected silhouette the sky is the limit. 

2 || Try a Pantsuit

If you want to wear pants go for a suit. There are plenty of modest suits that’ll look perfect for a Ramadan night. You don’t have to go for a formal tailored one, a loose abaya-inspired one will be a perfect option. 

3 || Go For a Jumpsuit

There were a plethora of styles that are suitable for Ramadan nights. Black jumpsuits with colorful details and shiny styles were all the rage this spring.

4 || A Top and a Skirt Mix

A playful way to dress up for a Ramadan night. We love how cool and fresh this look feels. Go for a midi-skirt that is fitted around the hip, with circular layers of fabric beyond that matched to a top with puffy sleeves or fitted one. 

5 || Add a Denim Touch

Who said you can’t wear denim for iftar? A long cape with a white shirt and flared jeans or a well-structured denim blouse in a dark or faded blue denim matched to a layered skirt. 

6 || Bold Top

Puffy sleeves, asymmetrical silhouettes, animal prints, or multi-hued tops matched to wide-leg pants or jeans make for a perfect Ramadan night look.  

7 || Wear Your Kimono

Choose a colorful floral-printed kimono to be your statement piece. Match it with a basic outfit such as a white t-shirt and jeans… White jeans can look cool too.