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How To Wear The Mini Skirt As A Grown-Up

As the temperatures rise, hemlines become higher. And it is not only about temperatures, but mini-skirts are also having a big moment this summer and they are gearing up to be a major must-have item in 2022. And you don’t have to be petit or under the age of 25 to wear a mini-skirt. It can look chic and polished on anyone, provided you know the best tricks to pull it off. 

1 || Keep Things Balanced

It is all about balance! Wearing a mini-skirt means showing too much skin on the bottom. So a good way to look less casual would be to balance skin everywhere else. Think turtlenecks, outerwear, tights, or taller boots. Pairing a girlish skirt with something more rugged or masculine would help with moving more towards the grown-up look. Staple pieces would come in handy here too, like the classic white T-shirt or white sneakers.

2 || Stick To A Dark Color-Palette 

An easy way to look more grown-up. Think black and khaki for instance. Dark colors create a pulled-together aesthetic. 

3 || Not Too Tight Nor Too Flowy

To pull off mini-skirts as a grown-up you need to take hemlines, fit, and style into consideration. But what does this fit look like? Think slim-cut A-line. Ruffles or pleated minis can easily look very childish. On the other hand, skin-tight pencil skirts or hip-hugging spandex are a bit too sexy for day-to-day. So go for structured fabric that moves away from the hips for that perfect balance between loose and fitted.

4 || Choose an Appropriate Length

Make sure the length is long enough. Neither you nor anyone wants anything out when you bend over. Look for skirts that hit about three inches above the knee if you feel like showing too much leg. These look as trendy without showing too much. 

5 || Short Skirts/ Long Jackets Combo

Again this is a great way to create balance. The combination of a trench coat and a mini gives the illusion of additional coverage without actually covering up your legs. Not in the mood for long coats? You can still match your mini with a blazer and loafers for the perfect high/low formula. 

6 || Go Monochrome

For an impactful look, try layering an off-white top over an off-white skirt. This will lengthen your torso and ensure your proportions look right despite a high hem. If you want to add more inches no matter your height, another great tip is to opt for boots (the heels rule applies) in a shade of brown or beige that’s close to your skin tone.

7 || Avoid High Heels

No high heels with mini-skirts for grown-ups. This is especially if you are wearing your mini-skirt casually. As high heels with mini skirts or dresses can look super sexy. So stick to flat shoes or low heels (2 inches max) to walk easily and keep proportions in check. 

8 || Suiting Is A Good Idea 

If you didn’t know, tailoring is one of 2022’s strongest trends. Opting for a mini-skirt suit is a perfect idea for grown-ups. This is especially true if you opt for navy, black or dark gray. Flat-loafers will go perfectly well with this look as it will keep those professional vibes going. 

9 || Go The Sporty Route

When in doubt, this is the way to go. The tennis skirts of last season are still in, and they are so easy to style. Just put on white sneakers and layer on a sporty polo or neat crew-neck sweatshirt, and you are good to roll. 

10 || Raw Hem Denim Is Not For You

If you insist on wearing a mini denim skirt as an adult, go for a darker wash with neat and polished detailing. But please, do yourself a favor and leave frayed hems, bleaching and distressing at the pockets to the youths. 

11 || Stick To Short Socks 

A cute way to add depth to your look would be wearing a brightly-colored crew sock or ankle-height fishnet with your loafers or sneakers. But to avoid looking like a schoolgirl, keep your socks to ankle height at maximum. 

12 || Play With Accessories 

Gold accessories will add a sophisticated touch to any look. Stick to white separates for a fuss-free finish.