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Evening Wear Look

Things To Add To Your Evening Wear Look

It is party season! This means you’ll likely need a few outfits for your coming parties. And to look your best in your evening wear, you need to choose your dress, jumpsuit, or suit carefully of course; something that suits you and will best highlight your features. Choosing the right things to complete your look is as important as choosing the clothing piece- if not more. After all, it is the details that personalize your look. Here are a few things to add to your next party look to take it to the next level.  

1 || A Folding Fan 

Evening Wear Look

Think lace folding fan. A chic statement that will add a touch of mystery and romance to your evening look. 

2 || Gloves

Evening Wear Look

Take a look at celebrities’ looks on the red carpet and you will see the glamorous effect of gloves on their outfits. Lace or sheer, short or long, or white or the same color of your dress they are all trending and their chic effect is equal. 

3 || A Hair Comb

Evening Wear Look

Ever thought of adding one to your night look? believe us you will not regret it. And no it is not only for brides. whether you’re putting your hair up in a twisted bun or putting half of it down, a hair comb adorned with stones will add a very sophisticated touch to your look. 

4 || A Back Necklace

Evening Wear Look

Again, we saw it on the red carpet and fell in love with it. The back necklace is a different way to add an elegant touch to your look. It will look super cool and sophisticated. Try a cascading down your back – a perfect way to complement your backless dress or top. 

5 || A Brooche

Evening Wear Look

On your hair or your evening suit like Julia Roberts did at the Cannes Film Festival 2022. If you are wearing a suit jacket, the best place to put it is on your lapel, just a little below the collarbone. The power of a well-placed brooch will never fail you. Choose your brooch wisely, as you need something that will give you a statement look without having it overwhelm your outfit. 

6 || A Bicep Bracelet 

Evening Wear Look

This delicious noughties trend resurfaced last year and is still growing stronger. The key to having a head-turning look is to think out of the box when accessorizing. The arm candy is an easy way to add glamour and coolness to your look. 

7 || A Belt

Evening Wear Look

We said it before; leather belts are having a big moment this summer. Seen on everything from swimsuits, tops, dresses, and abayas, your evening dress is not an exception. Add a black leather wide belt to your next party dress and you are good to roll. 

8 || Colorful Clear Glasses

Evening Wear Look

Or if you have the guts for it, go for black sunglasses. A cool touch that only suits bold personalities. Because dramatic looks are not for everyone, right? Any trending shape or color will work (Dramatic shapes are a great choice). Just make sure that you don’t overdo the other accessories so you don’t look like putting too much effort. 

9 || A Head Necklace

Evening Wear Look

One of the most interesting accessories we saw on the red carpet was the head necklace. Get inspired by Jada Pinkett Smith and Amandine Petit. 

10 || Body Jewelry 

If you are wearing a dress with a deep collar, think of adding a piece of bra jewelry for a sexy and elegant touch. or maybe go for a thigh necklace if you are wearing a dress with a slit. The choice is yours.