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Keep Your Looks Fresh With These Tips

(Having a great and attractive style doesn’t have to be hard; it doesn’t have to get you so much effort, time, or even money. Sometimes it is much simpler than that; it could be tucking your shirt in, adding a belt, or putting on the perfect shape of sunnies. Here are some easy ways that will transform your looks in the blink of an eye.

1 || Embrace Color Contrast


Seriously, go bold or go home. Having confidence is the key when it comes to this point. You have to be bold and confident enough to own the look. Orange with blue and a little bit of purple is a killer combo, or maybe purple with pistachio green and white or beige is another eye-catchy option.

Mixing pieces of different colors is an art that you can learn and of course, it takes courage to apply. So start easy and go bolder gradually. The fear of embracing contrast colors will fade with practice.  Tell us your favorite color combo that you’d love to try.

2 || A Statement Dress Could Do It All


You will need to own one or two statement dresses this spring. An IT dress will effortlessly and instantly give you a refreshed look. Try a big-sleeved one, off-the-shoulder, ruffled, or wrapped waist dress for a look that you literally turn heads. Remember to choose your dress according to your body shape and even skin tone. Also, match your dress with the right accessories and shoes. For example, pair your midi dress with booties and an oversized bag in a contrast color for a really cool look.

3 || Experiment With Layers


Layering is an interesting way to add a cool dimension to your looks. Two keywords; proportions and textures. Mastering the art of layering takes effort, practice, and time. So be patient and make sure to feed your fashion eye by looking at different bloggers’ styles. Outerwear pieces, turtlenecks, tees are all great starting points to up your layering game.

4 || Accessorize Smartly


A space to unleash your creativity and speak about your personality, but you have to do it smartly. Accessorize minimally with bold outfits and vice versa. Learn when to layer, add a belt or a scarf. Sometimes you may need a hat or headband. Choosing the perfect bag, sunnies, and shoes is part of accessorizing too.

5 || Crop It


Cropped tops are trending this spring and they are perfect for lifting your outfit and make it look fresh and young. Match your cropped top with your favorite pair of wide jeans, top it with a colored denim or leather jacket and pair it with your sneaker for.

6 || Tuck It In


A really simple tip with a huge impact. A fully tucked in shirt is so classy and sophisticated. You can also try the half-tuck as it looks trendy, offers more comfort and is just on the right side of cool.

7 || Play With Proportions


If you’re the type who prefers looser outfits, then you must create some sort of form to balance things out. If you’re wearing an oversized sweater try tucking it in to emphasize the waist. If you love wide-leg trousers but you are on the shorter end of the scale then look for a cropped version experiment but always keep an eye out for balance.