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Blazer and Bermuda shorts Look

How to Update Your Blazer and Bermuda shorts Look

Inspired from the ’80s, Blazer and Bermuda shorts combo are fast becoming fashion’s new favorite pairing. Just scroll through your Instagram feed, and you’ll want to pull off the look right away. Easily takes you from day to night with lots of summer vibes, this look is a go-to for hot days. Here are what to do so you don’t look like a girl who’s coming from the ’80s? 

1 || Stick to Solids

One way to make this due look chic is to stick to solids. Pair a blazer and shorts of the same color or with slight color variation. If in doubt, you can never go wrong with suits. If you are a minimalist and are into neutrals; black, beige, tan, or cream would be great options for you. Otherwise go for bright colors or pastels like fuschia, green, or yellow that will take your summer looks to a totally different level. 

2 || Keep the Balance

Just imagine someone who’s wearing low-waist shorts and a blazer with a button that sets higher than the shorts’ waist… This can confuse the eye, as there are many things to look at. The key to any good-looking outfit is balance. In this look, whether your blazer ends at your waist, in the middle of your shorts, or is just a bit shorter than your shorts, the most important thing to keep in mind is that the button of your jacket is aligned with the button (the waist) of your shorts. This will identify the waist and create one central point to look at. 

3 || Don’t Belt It

A belt with this look is a no-no. It will ruin the look. Other than the fact that you will look like a stuffed sandwich, the beauty of this look is in its flowy summery feeling and the belt will kill this aesthetic. 

4 || The Jacket fit 

The general rule is that the blazer shouldn’t be fitted. For petit women, you can go for big and oversized blazers and look great. Otherwise, stick to only one size up to avoid looking too big. Bermuda shorts are inherently straight and a little bit on the tighter side so matching them with a loose blazer will make them look more casual and breezy. 

5 || Would You Wear a Bralette? 

Bralette is one of the best options to pair with this look. If you are not totally convinced and want something more covering, you can go for a crop top. 

6 || Choose the Shoe Wisely 

If you are on the casual side, sneakers are your best bet. Otherwise, you can pair this cool look with loafers, sandals, or mules. No pumps or ballerinas. 

7 || Show Some Skin

This look can work for winter or summer. So to make it look summery and avoid looking like wearing a winter look during summer, you need to show some skin. As we mentioned above, a good way to do so is to wear a bralette or a crop top to show a bit of your tummy. If you want to cover your belly for some reason, you have the option of showing skin on your chest by wearing a deep neckline.