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Trench Coat

Make an Unforgettable Style Impression With Fall’s 2022 Trench Coat

The trench coat is a fall\winter wardrobe staple for a reason. The super chic piece has blurred the lines between function and fashion over the years with all the great and new takes on it. 2022 fall styles continue to take our breath away with the really cool styles and updates on the iconic outerwear staple.

1 || The ladylike

Show your feminine side with exaggerated shoulder lines, feminine collars, and refined pleat details. Or as the Barbie core aesthetic strikes again, take things to the next level by picking up a trench coat in trendy hot pink.

2 || Go minimal

In other words, stick to the classic trench and never underestimate its power. These minimal khaki chic coats match effortlessly with anything and will see you through rain or shine. Think Burberry traditional trench coat.

3 || Combinations

We all have great love and respect for the classic khaki trenches. They are timeless and can go easily with anything. But considering other hues, perhaps a crisp white, caramel brown, or dark charcoal can instantly upgrade your look. Or, if you feel like it, go for bright colors like green, red, or lilac. By the same token, you want to consider mixing different fabrics, for instance, a regular trench fabric at the front with leather or denim at the back. 

4 || Consider Different Textures

We all agree that nothing can beat the traditional trench texture, but there is nothing wrong with wearing a trench of another fabric like leather, suede, or quilted. These fabrics are stylish and will serve you on chilly fall days. 

5 || Silhouettes 

We have seen the trench in new silhouettes this season, and we love it, from the killer oversize and A-symmetrical shapes to the dress-like silhouette, which features a blouse on top with a full skirt offered by Bottega. 

6 || Prints 

This fall trench is anything but basic. So up your trench coat game with this season’s maximalist prints, and pick one with a brocade jacquard print, for instance. Check out all the trending print trends here.