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Things You Can Do When Your Jeans Don’t Fit Anymore

A pair of jeans is a staple item in any woman’s wardrobe. What else? we all agree on loving this piece as it’s timeless, practical, and can easily be dressed up or down. The thing about denim is that even the same cut differs from one brand to another and their fit may differ depending on the way you wash them and how frequently you do it. That said, your favorite pair may not fit the way it used to do after some washes.

Though we can’t help if your newly bought denim didn’t fit the way you imagined, some hacks will help you shrink or stretch your jeans when needed so you won’t have to buy a new pair every two weeks.

If Your Denim Is Too Big

  • Wash with hot water: if your jeans got stretched out, wash them as usual, just at a hotter temperature. This works best with denim that is made of something close to 100% cotton.
  • Use a piece of elastic: if the problem is in the waistband, all you need to do is sewing a piece of elastic into the inside of your waistband and watch the problem solved.
  • Dry them at a hot temperature: after washing, put them in the drier at a hot setting too. The heat will help tighten the fibers of your jeans so they fit you better.
  • Avoid using fabric softeners

If Your Denim Is Too Tight

  • Stretch them physically: if your jeans have shrunk down, spray them with lukewarm water and use your hands to pull your jeans manually while they are still wet. Stretch freely in any or all directions.
  • Wear your jeans and sit in a warm bath: Yep, it is as crazy as it sounds, but it does work! The hot water will help stretch the threads of your jeans which make it wider a little. Hang your jeans dry when you are done.
  • Remove the waistband: If your jeans is tight from the waistband then you may consider removing it. This is a bit advanced and should be done carefully. Rip the side seams of your jeans about 2-3 inches down, then cut the waistband. After that you will need to add a separate piece of denim or maybe more comfortable piece.