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Fall Clogs

How To Style Your Clogs for Fall || 6 Tips

Ok so you’ve given into the clogs trend and made a purchase, you may have even worn them already.  As the season cools you may find yourself having more difficulties styling them for fall.  You may be asking: with socks or without? Do tights work? What kind of pants work?  Well, we’ve got answers to all your queries, we hope.

 Here you go!

The Ankle Has It

Fall Clogs

Interestingly the element most pertinent to the styling of your clog, isn’t your clog at all but your ankle.  Regardless of whether you are wearing socks or not, the general rule is to ensure that even a small part of your foot is showing from the top.  This keeps your silhouette tidy.  Clogs by design, are clunky, so unless you show a little leg you will come across as quite frumpy.

To Sock or Not to Sock?

Fall Clogs

There are three options to consider.  If you are wearing a fur-lined clog then it is not necessary to wear socks, otherwise you may look a little ‘unbalanced’ if you are wearing winter clothes and no socks.  You have the option of wool socks or tights, both work.  Perhaps the most important element is how your foot feels inside the clog.  At times tights may be slippery against the wooden insole and that makes things uncomfortable and dangerous!  If you do plan on wearing woolen socks, ensure that you are wearing a matching color sock to your clog in the case of black, or navy.  If you do opt for a variation on brown for your clog, you could choose a sock that is from that family of color for a more seamless look. 

Socks to Match your Pants or Your Shoe?

Fall Clogs

I am a firm believer in elongation. In that, whenever the possibility of making yourself look much taller is presented to you, take it!  Elongation is based on continuity, the longer the eye gets to follow an undisturbed line, the longer or taller one appears.  When you think about your clog, your sock and your pant, there could be three breaks in the line, so to speak.  The color difference between the clog and the sock, and the color difference between the sock and the pant.  My recommendation is, choose a line that you want continued, so either keep your sock and clog the same color, or your pant and sock.  Thus affording you an additional inch or so in elongation. 

Proportions are Key

Fall Clogs

Clogs are clunky,  which means that we really need to be cautious when it comes to proportions.  It is best to keep the item of clothing closest to your clog, at the same or similar proportion to your shoe.  So, if we are talking about pants; we are saying, not too skinny (your feet will look huge) and not too wide.  Keep things in proportion so that there isn’t anything to disturb the eye further. 

Let’s Not Play Dress Up

Fall Clogs

This is something I bring up a lot in my articles. Some items are inspired by specific movements, the clog is clearly associated with the boho era, and although it may seem natural to pair your clogs with something of the same genre, it’s not a good idea.   Simply because your look will end up looking a little theatrical, and that’s not what we want.  Style is very personal, and that’s the beauty of it.  To take elements from different eras and present them in your own personal way.  So, in this case specifically it would be best to steer away from a boho look, and perhaps stick to something more modern, but still suitable. 

Last but not Least

Fall Clogs

Clogs have a lot of character, and will serve as your hero piece, or an item of interest in your look.  For this reason, it is important to keep the other elements quite neutral in style.  Clogs look great with a plain pleated skirt, a pair of tailored pants (in the right length of course) or a pair of jeans.  Steer way from items that also have a lot of character, for example leather pants, or a poncho or even a dramatic trench coat.  Keep things simple and chic to elevate and accentuate your clogs.