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Cargo Pant

How To Wear The Cargo Pant This Fall

If there is one trend that has been all over your social media feed lately, it is the cargo pant. Loved and worn by a number of the world’s most fashionable icons, the utilitarian bottoms make a complete comeback this fall, and that’s for a reason. The piece created for functionality is now gathering attention for its relaxed and stylish look. 

While you can still pull off your pair from the 90s, the twists designers made on this piece make you want to own several new pairs. The most recent iterations of the cargo pant feature a nipped-in waist, a dizzying number of pockets, and colorways that range from ecru to obsidian. With few fashion enthusiasts saying that these pants will replace your jeans in the meantime, it just makes sense to learn how to style them right and in different ways. Here are a few tips.

1 || The style of the pant

If you have tried this trend and hate it already because you think it doesn’t suit you, you may want to try another silhouette. Cargo pants are one of these pieces that anyone can wear if they pick the right style.

And to choose the one for you, there are three things to remember: pockets, elastic bands, and waist.

The pockets need to be placed strategically so they don’t focus the attention on parts of your body you’d rather not highlight. So if you don’t want to draw attention to your hips, avoid pairs with bulky pockets in that area.

Elastic bands at the hems can make your legs look shorter, so petite and curvy women need to go for ones with straight legs.

Finally, like other trousers, the higher the waist, the more your silhouette will be enhanced. Choose the most flattering waist type for your body figure.

2 || Proportions

If you are not as tall as a model, please put aside extremely oversized items. They will make you look even shorter. If you pick a relaxed cargo style, match to a tighter top to keep the balance.

3 || Don’t exaggerate

The military-inspired style is cool, but you need to avoid the “uniform” look. Try not to take it so far by matching it with combat boots and a jacket with too many pockets. Your cargo pants are already a statement piece on their own, so you can relax and keep the rest of the look simple.

By the same token, cargo pants are a masculine item, so don’t be afraid to soften them up and match them to more classic and feminine staples; think blazers, heels, or super girly details like puff sleeves, embroideries, and other delicate elements.

4 || Try different fabrics

If you are not sure how to incorporate this trend into your style as you think it is a little bit too much, you can try it in a sleek fabric like leather. This can add a feminine touch to the tough silhouette. For further femininity, match with a pouf-sleeve blouse. 

5 || Unexpected details

If you are bold enough and want to take things to the next level, pick a cargo with interesting details like the two-tone trousers. Allow your pant to do the talking, and keep everything else as simple as possible.

6 || Try a wide-leg cut

Pick wide-leg pants with cargo pockets (they will still fit into the category). Match with a blazer and sleek black boots, and ta-da, you’ve got a new office outfit. 

7 || Cargo jumpsuits are a thing

Combine two utilitarian trends to up the military vibes by wearing a jumpsuit with pockets. Remember to dress your look up with the right accessories like heeled boots, a belt, and a luxe-looking bag. To avoid getting lost in this roomy silhouette, emphasize your look by wearing a solid t-shirt or turtleneck underneath.

8 || Cuff the hems

Your cargo is too long? Instead of taking it to the tailor consider adding a more stylish touch to the look by simply cuffing the hems.

9 || Cargo Suit?

Yes, you heard that right. Skip the buttoned-up blazer and matching trousers, and try to create your own cargo suit for a really cool style update. Try matching your trouser with pockets, an oversized blazer (maybe in leather), and a t-shirt or a colorful button-down.